It Takes Roots is continuing to #GrowTheResistance


Today, we are launching our 10k by May Day Fundraising Campaign: #GiveToGrow!

As you know, we are working with our It Takes Roots partners and The Majority to take Trans-Local action on May Day. May Day emerged out of the fight for an 8-hour day in 1886 in Chicago, where striking workers clashed with police, resulting in several deaths and four of the protesters were later hanged. In the context of a new President using grandiose promises of job creation to mask the fundamentally anti-worker and pro-corporation nature of his policies, it is as important as ever that we put forth a true vision of economic and worker justice for all people and a Just Transition on this day.

This administration is intent on destroying our bodies, our homes, our communities and Planet Earth. Will you join us to stop them, and help build the world we want to live in? From the People’s Climate March to May Day and beyond.

Give to grow the resistance and help us raise 10k by May Day!

Donate here to get us started!

Our beautiful It Takes Roots to Grow The Resistance T-shirts are on sale here for one week only. Sale proceeds go to cultivating our power, because we give to grow. Click here to purchase by Tuesday April 18.



Want to be an even dreamier supporter? Contact Egina at ([email protected]) to create your own fundraising page, or to pledge a matching gift for our campaign.



Beyond the Moment

BTM is gaining energy across the country. Check out the exciting recent coverage of BTM and The Majority. Huffington Post  Alternet


Tonight at 9PM EST / 6PM PST join the first weekly Beyond The Moment May Day Planning call to share action plans, learn about actions being planned across the country and join this critical cross-sector mobilization to fight for our people and the planet.

And if your organization is planning a May Day Action tell us about it here!

You must register to participate in these planning calls at:


People’s Climate Movement

Check out this video that highlights It Takes Roots members as the March for Climate, Jobs, and Justice approaches!

Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 7.41.18 AM

Do you or your organization want to attend the March for Climate, Jobs, and Justice or have a sister march in your community?

Connect with Senowa Mize-Fox ([email protected]) to get started.






Join us April 28th in Washington DC as we unite as Mother Earth’s RED LINE to take direct action against the corporations and politicians driving the extractive economy.

The day before the People’s Climate Mobilization (link), on April 29th, we’ll form a red line to defend our planet, protect our people & communities.  The Red Line is a line that cannot be crossed. We draw a red line through the militarization of the federal budget, and the rising wars at home and abroad, and the “dig, burn, dump” economy. We hold a red line to defend our environment, our homes, our families and our future generations. We will work to build a just transition towards “local, living economies” where communities and workers are in charge.  We demand an investment in communities and sustainability, and a divestment from militarism and extraction. t

Will you hold Mother Earth’s Red Line with Indigenous, Black, Brown and Frontline communities on April 28th?

Contact Jaron ([email protected]) to get involved! Or sign up on our facebook event page (link), more details to come.




We are building a just transition in our communities, moving away from capitalism and exploitation of our bodies and the earth and towards sustainable and healthy solutions. We are taking action to stop pollution and poverty at the source, confronting multinational corporations that profit from and create the current climate crisis.


In the streets of Washington DC. Details to come.


On April 28th, the day before the March for Climate, Jobs, and Justice, at 2PM


We will be forming Mother Earth’s Red Line. We will need YOU to be there to defend, resist, and protect. Wear red.

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