Cindy Wiesner

National Coordinator, Grassroots Global Justice Alliance (GGJ)

cindy-wiesner_bioCindy Wiesner is the National Coordinator of the Grassroots Global Justice Alliance Alliance (GGJ) and Co-Chair of the Climate Justice Alliance (CJA) and the Our Power Campaign.  She has been active in the grassroots social justice movement for over 25 years. Cindy is originally from Los Angeles and is of Salvadoran, Colombian and German descent and identifies as Queer. She is based in Miami, Florida.

Areas of expertise: Overall context and information for the mobilizations and civil society activities National and International relations/context; Grassroots organizing sector in the US, Strategy, Just Transition, Gendered Impact of Climate Change, Climate Justice.

Angela Adrar

Executive Director, Climate Justice Alliance (CJA)

angela-2Angela is the new Executive Director of the Our Power Campaign and Climate Justice Alliance. She has committed her life to advancing the role of the grassroots sector and provides agile leadership to address the changing and complex priorities of local communities while influencing national and international agendas.  She has served as a leading member of local to international organizations that include; La Via Campesina North America, US Food Sovereignty Alliance (USFSA), the Building Equity and Alignment for Impact Initiative (BEAI), US Friends of Movement of Dam Affected Peoples (MAB) and others.

Areas of expertise: Climate & Environmental Justice, Just Transition

Kandi Mossett

Lead Organizer on the Extreme Energy & Just Transition Campaign, Indigenous Environmental Network

Kandi MossettDeriving her heritage from the Mandan, Hidatsa, and Arikara peoples of what is now North Dakota, Kandi Mossett of the Indigenous Environmental Network (IEN) has emerged as a leading voice in the fight to bring visibility to the impact that climate change and environmental injustice are having on Indigenous communities across North America.After completing her Master’s Degree in Environmental Management, Mossett began her work with the IEN as Tribal Campus Climate Challenge Coordinator, engaging with more than 30 tribal colleges to instate community based environmental programs, discuss issues of socio-ecologic injustice, and connect indigenous youth with green jobs. She currently serves as IEN’s Native Energy & Climate Campaign Organizer, focusing at present on creating awareness about the environmentally & socially devastating effects of hydraulic fracturing on tribal lands.

Areas of Expertise: fracking, oil and gas impacted communities, Just Transition, renewable energies, wind and solar, food sovereignty, Indigenous perspectives, Indian Country in the U.S., oil and tar sands pipelines, gendered aspects of climate change; violence against women.

Mayra Yoana Jaimes

Immigrant Rights Campaign Organizer, Causa Justa::Just Cause

MayraMayra Yoana is the Immigrant Rights Organizer for Causa Justa :: Just Cause. She migrated to Los Angeles from Guerrero, Mexico and began her organizing work as a youth in high school against HR 4437 a legislation in 2006. Since then she has continued to organize against the criminalization of all communities. She has developed an intersectional framework to social justice and works actively to interlace healing justice to all areas of her work. Mayra has worked with The CIRCLE Project; a project of the UCLA Labor Center- Dream Resource Center that focused restorative justice practices; Immigrant Youth Coalition – Los Angeles that advocates for the de-criminalization and empowerment of immigrant communities; and with many beautiful social justice warriors in LA.  Mayra Yoana is very excited to continue building and creating a social justice family in the Bay Area.

Areas of Expertise: Immigrant Rights, Youth and Student Organizing, Sanctuary Cities, Multi-Racial Solidarity.

Ahmina Maxey

US & Canada Regional Outreach Coordinator, GAIA: Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives

AhminaMaxeyAhmina Maxey is the US & Canada Campaigns & Membership Coordinator with GAIA: Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives. She has worked tirelessly for environmental justice in her hometown of Detroit, Michigan, fighting to protect the health and environment of her community.  Through her work with the Zero Waste Detroit coalition she helped achieve citywide curbside recycling, and watch-dogged the local incinerator (the largest in the country). Ahmina has worked at the city and state-level to improve Detroit’s air quality, leading to the passage of numerous laws protecting the environment and health of Detroiters. She is a graduate of the University of Michigan, earning her Bachelor of Science in Environment, in 2007.

Areas of Expertise: Incineration, Recycling and Zero Waste, Waste burning in the Clean Power Plan, false solutions, Environmental justice, Local impacts of environmental justice,  as my hometown is Detroit a black city with the 3rd most polluted zipcode in the country

Sylvia Lopez

Member Leader, Mujeres Unidas y Activas

SylviaSylvia Lopez is originally from Oaxaca, Mexico. She has been a Domestic Worker for over 10 years in the United States and has been organizing for Domestic Worker Rights in California since 2006. She has been an active leader in the Immigrant Rights movement and has supported organizing efforts in Washington, New York, California, and Michigan. She joined Mujeres Unidas y Activas in 2006 due to domestic violence. As a MUA member, she participated in marches, and various events such as trainings that have been a positive influence in her life and that of her daughters’. She was the president of MUA’s Board of Directors. She now coordinates “BIG” (Base-building Innovation Group) a new program in collaboration with the NDWA that supports workers so that they will have the courage to speak out against the injustices that occur in their line of work. She is grateful of the support she has received from her fellow co-workers, and MUA members.

Areas of Expertise: Immigration, Domestic Work, Grassroots Feminism, Women Workers, Labor Rights, Wage Theft

Bayan Jaber

Member Leader, SouthWest Organizing Project (SWOP)

Bayan-3Bayan Jaber is a fourth-generation Palestinian-American who lives in Albuquerque, NM.. She is a daughter and sister to eight siblings. Bayan is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in International Studies and Political Science from the Univ. of New Mexico. She is a youth media strategist, community organizer and grassroots activist whose work focuses on media literacy, racial, economic and gender justice as well as how to dismantle Islamophobia, and xenophobia. Bayan’s work also includes advocating and organizing with humanitarian and community groups such as Students for Justice In Palestine, Islamic Center of NM, Con Mujeres – SWOP (South-West Organizing Project), Jewish Voices for Peace, Friends of Sabeel, Red Nation, and many more.

Areas of Expertise: Youth Leadership, Palestine, Islamophobia, Gender Justice.

Marcia Olivo

Executive Director, Miami Workers Center

marcia-upcloseMarcia Olivo, a Dominican Republic native, is recognized for her work as a community organizer and advocate for domestic violence victims. In 1989, Marcia moved to the United States and began working as a community organizer with both “Mother on the Move” and “North West Bronx Community and Clergy Coalition, both located in the Bronx, NY.  Upon relocating to Miami, FL in 2000, Marcia continued working with organizations such as Florida Immigrant Advocacy as well as coordinated the Florida Immigrant Coalition. Marcia, along with her colleague, recognized a great need for a long term sustainable organizing group led by survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault and ultimately, Sisterhood of Survivors was created in 2008. In June 2012, Sisterhood of Survivors merged with the Miami Workers Center and has become the Gender Justice Council of the organization. The purpose of the council is to promote gender equality; provide a framework to analyze and understand social issues affecting women, and provide women leaders with a platform to share their experiences.
Areas of Expertise: Gender Equality, Women Workers, Immigrant Rights, Housing and Displacement, Domestic Violence

Melissa Miles

Community Organizer, Ironbound Community Corporation

Melissa MilesMelissa Miles is Buddhist, mother of two, multi-lingual resident of Newark (Brick City) N.J.  More recently she has added the titles of environmental and climate justice activist, community organizer and grassroots feminist. She works for the Ironbound Community Corporation along with a powerful group of community members, organizers, activists, farmers and policy folks to protect the health and well-being of Newark residents from the harm being done by extractive, polluting industries and gentrification.

Areas of Expertise: Environmental and Climate Justice, Grassroots Feminism, Polluting Industries, Gentrification and Displacement

Nohemi Bojorquez-Flores

Chainbreaker Collective

NohemyNohemi was born and raised in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She lives in the Inwood Mobile home park where she has been a leader in her neighborhood supporting and defending the rights of her neighbors and community. Over the last number of years her neighborhood has been experiencing gentrification and displacement. After Witnessing countless numbers of her community being forced to live homeless because of rising rents, and her own family facing increased housing costs and the threat of displacement, Nohemi joined the Chainbreaker Collective – a membership-based economic and environmental justice organization. Chainbreaker is a membership-based economic and environmental justice organization. We work to expand access to affordable transportation and sustainable communities for working people in the Santa Fe, New Mexico region.

Areas of Expertise: Transit Justice, Housing Justice, Renters Bill Of Rights, Youth Organizing

Rev. Shawna Foster

Board Member, Iraq Veterans Against the War

ShawnaRev. Shawna Foster is a Unitarian Universalist minister from Carbondale, Colorado. Locally, she has worked on an array of social justice issues such as saving land from gas leases with the Thompson Divide Coalition, strengthening sanctuary for undocumented students and their families in the Roaring Fork Valley School District, organizing students to address racism in their schools with Padres & Jóvenes Unidos, and coordinating the local effort to support the Standing Rock Sioux Nation. Nationally she is the board chair for Iraq Veterans Against the War and moved them to organize on the principles of anti-racism with the intersectionality of oppression as a guiding principle.

Areas of Expertise: Veterans Issues, Militarism, Environmental and Climate Justice, Solidarity.