Ananda Lee Tan (he/him), Strategy Advisor, Just Transition Alliance

Ananda Lee Tan has been organizing grassroots movements since 1986 – building coalitions, networks and alliances for land defence, environmental justice, worker rights, energy democracy, food sovereignty, zero waste, community self-determination and climate justice around the world. Over the last fifteen years, Ananda served the Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives, and co-convened the Climate Justice Alliance, a network of frontline communities organizing a Just Transition away from the global, colonial extractive economy. He also co-coordinated the international People’s Climate March in 2014, and the Building Equity and Alignment for Impact, an initiative aimed at shifting philanthropic resources and centering the leadership of  Black, Brown and Indigenous communities on the frontlines of ecological crises. Today, Ananda lives on unceded Coast Salish territories in the Pacific Northwest, and serves as a trainer, facilitator, strategist and guide for grassroots environmental justice formations such as the Just Transition Alliance, a coalition of workers and communities organizing to build local, healthy and sustainable economies that serve the essential needs of people and planet.


“As we engage in COP 26, we must be crystal clear that our world needs real solutions, real reductions of disproportionate harm and burden, real elimination of pollution and poverty, and NO MORE of this Net Zero Nonsense. The UN must start serving human and planetary need, and stop pandering to the dictates of corporate greed! ”