Frontlines grassroots groups respond to bipartisan infrastructure bill vote delay: Congress must pass a full budget that does no harm and invests in real solutions

As Congress delayed a vote last night on the bipartisan infrastructure bill, blowing past an artificial deadline set by Democratic leaders, grassroots organizations urge members of Congress to continue to deliver on climate solutions, care investments, and justice and to hold the line against dirty energy investments that harm communities in the full budget reconciliation package.

Organizations in the United Frontline Table, representing hundreds of grassroots groups across the United States and U.S. territories, release the following statement:


The bipartisan infrastructure bill on its own will not provide equitable recovery and investment for Black, Indigenous, Latinx, Asian, Pacific Islander, and poor communities. In fact the bill invests in fossil fuels and false solutions that will continue to harm the most vulnerable. This bill is not going to serve our communities. As Congress pivots back to advance the budget reconciliation process, we recognize the budget reconciliation bill too is only a start to the recovery we need out of deep overlapping crises we face at this moment.

The combined bipartisan infrastructure bill and reconciliation budget--the Build Back Better agenda--are both too much and not enough. The Build Back Better package invests too much in false solutions, band-aid approaches, unproven and potentially harmful technologies, and market-based schemes that we know don’t work. And the package invests not enough in the communities with critical needs. We need the full package, both the bipartisan bill and the budget reconciliation package, but we need both to be better.

Our analysis of the current combined budget and bipartisan infrastructure bill estimates that over $181 billion in investments will go to false solutions that could harm communities. Included in the bipartisan package and the initial House reconciliation budget are investments for development and deployment of carbon capture technology, nuclear energy, biofuels of multiple forms, waste incineration, a Clean Energy Payment Program that could incentivize harmful technologies, and funds to support continued fossil fuel development and extraction.

As this budget package is finalized, we urge Congress to remove these harmful investments. If these investments remain in the final Build Back Better package, they will ensure that the next decade is full of harm and increased climate chaos at a time when we must quickly and drastically change course.

When it comes to stopping climate change, reducing emissions at source, and safeguarding frontline communities, harmful investments will only further exacerbate the interconnected environmental, economic, white supremacist and democratic crisis we face. At this critical moment in history, we call on members of Congress to lead in step with those communities most impacted, and to not continue to cower to the same old fossil fuel corporations putting neoliberal profit-driven ventures over comprehensive solutions that actually solve these crises.

This budget also contains key funds grassroots communities have fought for, and these must be defended by members of Congress in the days ahead. The current House budget reconciliation bill includes massive investments that are only on the table because the most impacted communities at the grassroots organized and demanded them. It includes investments to expand clean public transportation, upgrade school buildings, replace lead pipes across the country, invest in home and community care, expand affordable housing, reduce toxic pollution in communities, advance environmental justice, and fund oversight and accountability of the entire budget including ensuring funds go directly to the most disadvantaged communities.

These investments are in this package because our communities have fought for them, but none of them are guaranteed until the budget is signed by the President. We demand Congress maintain them at the highest levels, all the way to the final version of the bill.


As we come to the final stretch of this Congressional budget process we call on members of Congress to immediately: 

  • At a minimum, remove public funding and investments in the draft budget reconciliation bill and the bipartisan infrastructure bill that will devastate and further harm our communities including financing for carbon capture technology, nuclear energy, biofuels, waste incineration, and continued fossil fuel development and extraction. This requires that all fossil fuel subsidies within the package be removed.
  • Maintain the highest levels of investment for the deployment of justly-sourced, distributed renewable energy, to reduce emissions at the levels required to limit global warming to 1.5° Celsius or less, including deploying wind and solar nation-wide, and investing in supports for a just transition for impacted communities, including for rural electric cooperatives.
  • Pass a reconciliation budget that maintains the highest levels of investment for real community-driven solutions --  addressing roots causes of the climate crisis, expanding public transit, investing in public and affordable housing, expanding the care economy, establishing a path to citizenship, expanding affordable public healthcare, tying investments to equity and environmental justice standards, while stopping dirty energy.
  • Ensure set-asides in all programs to direct at least 50 percent of all program funds and investments to disadvantaged frontline communities, to meet and exceed the goals set forth in the Justice40 Initiative set forth in Executive Order No. 14008.
  • Include strong oversight of the full scope of social, economic, and environmental impacts of all investments by the OMB and GAO, including oversight of the distribution of public funds and the implementation of the Justice40 Initiative, and strong consultation with community stakeholders.


Now is not the time for Democrats to cower to right-wing ideologues on either side of the political aisle. Now is the time for bold action. If Congress and the administration want to claim that this package is historic on climate, jobs, and justice, then they must invest in real solutions to climate, economic and racial crisis at the highest levels possible, and ensure this budget is free of public investments that harm communities.


One Struggle, Many Fronts - International Solidarity Against State Violence

While we are devastated by recent international events of state violence from Colombia to Palestine, we are resolute in our work to act in solidarity with oppressed peoples. This past Saturday, hundreds of thousands of people across the world showed up in solidarity with the people of Palestine and their resistance against the violence of settler-colonialism, including land theft and home demolition by the state of Israel. We have a responsibility in the U.S. to defeat settler-colonialism and fascism from within our state and without. We can demand the U.S. stop giving military aid to fascist and violent regimes, contribute what we can to organizations on the ground responding to crises, and continue to educate ourselves and others on the historical and political importance of resisting settler-colonialism and state violence wherever it threatens Indigenous and oppressed peoples. We know from the victory today in Chile that when we fight we win, even if it takes decades of work organizing from the grassroots.

Art by @blkmoodyboi

The following resources have been gathered from our sister alliances, member organizations and allies as ways to take action and show support:



It’s also critical to support people in India, Brazil and elsewhere by advocating for a People’s Vaccine. Global north countries must support #TRIPSwaiver at the World Trade Organization. While Biden has shown support for a waiver, limbo remains at WTO. 

India + Brazil: Stop vaccine apartheid

Introducing the THRIVE Act

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Our communities are currently facing an intersection of crises. Over the last year, millions of people have lost their jobs and healthcare in the middle of a deadly pandemic. Climate disasters like the recent winter storm in the South are becoming more and more frequent. However, right now we have a rare chance to rebuild and renew our economy and fight for a recovery package that addresses these crises on all fronts by demanding that Congress support the THRIVE Act

The THRIVE Act is a truly bold recovery package that invests 10 trillion dollars over 10 years. THRIVE puts 15 million people to work in good, green jobs, cuts climate pollution in half by 2030, and advances racial, environmental, and economic justice.

Grassroots membership of our sister alliances: Indigenous Environmental Network, Climate Justice Alliance, Right to the City Alliance, and Grassroots Global Justice have been taking action over the last month to advance the THRIVE agenda. Now that we have introduced federal legislation as the THRIVE Act, we need your support to call Congress.

Nuestras comunidades actualmente están enfrentando una intersección de crisis. Durante el último año, millones de personas han perdido sus trabajos y cobertura médica en medio de una pandemia fatal. Los desastres climáticos, como la reciente tormenta invernal en el sur, están siendo cada vez más frecuentes. Sin embargo, en este momento tenemos la oportunidad única de reconstruir y renovar nuestra economía y luchar por un paquete de recuperación que aborda estas crisis desde todos los frentes al exigir que el Congreso apoye el Acta THRIVE

La Ley THRIVE es un paquete de recuperación verdaderamente audaz que invierte 10 billones de dólares durante 10 años. THRIVE pone a 15 millones de personas a trabajar con buenos trabajos ecológicos, recorta la mitad de contaminación climática para el 2030, y avanza la justicia racial, medioambiental y económica.

La membresía de la base de nuestras alianzas hermanas: la Red Ambiental Indígena (IEN), la Alianza de Justicia Climática (CJA), la Alianza Derecho a la Ciudad (RTTC) y Grassroots Global Justice (GGJ) han estado tomando acción durante este último mes para avanzar la agenda THRIVE. Ahora que hemos presentado legislación federal como el Acta THRIVE, necesitamos su apoyo para llamar al Congreso.

Tome acción ahora y asegúrese de que su voz sea oída. Necesitamos que todos ustedes le pongan presión ardiente al Congreso y exijan un plan de recuperación económica audaz. Llame a sus miembros del Congreso y pídales que co-patrocinen la Ley THRIVE.


Check out the inspiring actions and interventions over the past month from our sister alliances and their membership

Mire las acciones e intervenciones inspiradoras de nuestras alianzas hermanas y sus membresías durante este último mes


Photo credit: Nadahness Greene


Indigenous Environmental Network / la Red Ambiental Indígena

On Thursday, April 1st, frontline Indigenous youth and organizers from the Dakota Access and Line 3 pipeline fights arrived in Washington, D.C. for a series of actions to urge President Biden to Build Back Fossil Free by stopping these climate-destroying projects and upholding his commitments to climate action, Indigenous rights, and environmental justice.

Indigenous Environmental Network launched #Thrive4NDNCountry, a resource for Indigneous peoples to engage in shaping the THRIVE Act, creating millions of jobs for a just, healthy, and equitable society.

El jueves 1 de abril, jóvenes y organizadores indígenas en primera línea de las luchas por los oleoductos Dakota Access y Line 3 llegaron a Washington, D.C. Para una serie de acciones con el propósito de urgirle al Presidente Biden que reconstruya libre de fósiles combustibles frenando estos proyectos climáticamente destructivos, y que se atenga a sus compromisos de acción climática, derechos indígenas y justicia ambiental.

La Red Medioambiental Indígena lanzó #Thrive4NDNCountry, un recurso para que los pueblos indígenas participen de moldear la Ley THRIVE, creando millones de trabajos para una sociedad justa, sana y equitativa.


Climate Justice Alliance / la Alianza de Justicia Climática

Check out the video messages that were released by our member groups LVEJO, KHEPRW Institute, Ironbound Community Corporation, and UPROSE on Earth Day, emphasizing the need for frontline leadership in the fight for climate justice.

Last week, Climate Justice Alliance’ Frontline Policy Coordinator Kari Fulton participated in the Green New Deal re-introduction press conference with Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Sen. Ed Markey and other congressional and movement allies. Kari delivered a message from the frontlines to the Biden administration and members of Congress: We can't wait anymore! We must go BIGGER and BOLDER to address the social, racial, economic and environmental justice issues of the climate crisis.

Vea los video-mensajes que fueron emitidos por nuestros grupos miembro LVEJO, KHEPRW Institute, Ironbound Community Corporation y UPROSE el Día de la Tierra, enfatizando la necesidad de liderazgo de gente en primera línea en la lucha por la justicia climática.

La semana pasada, Kari Fulton, Coordinadora de Políticas en Primera Línea de Climate Justice Alliance, participó de la re-introducción del Nuevo Pacto Verde en una conferencia de prensa con la Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, el Sen. Ed Markey y otros aliados del congreso y del movimiento. Kari dio un mensaje desde las primeras líneas a la administración de Biden y los miembros del Congreso: ¡Ya no podemos esperar más! Debemos actuar de forma MÁS GRANDE y MÁS AUDAZ para abordar los problemas de justicia social, racial, económica y medioambiental de la crisis climática.


Right to the City Alliance / la Alianza Derecho a la Ciudad

9to5 Colorado lead a coalition of organizations to bring the fight to Senator Hickenlooper’s office with signs that said ‘Out Of Time’ check out their action livestream here.

DARE from Providence, Rhode Island also threw down with a coalition of speakers at the State House from Indigenous communities and environmental justice orgs to labor and elected officials. Check out their powerful speak-out here.

9to5 Colorado lideró a una coalición de organizaciones para traer la lucha de la oficina del Senador Hickenlooper con carteles que decían 'Sin Tiempo'. Mire el vivo de su acción aquí.

DARE de Providence, Rhode Island también se presentó, con una coalición de oradores de comunidades indígenas y organizaciones de justicia ambiental y funcionarios políticos en el State House. Mire su poderoso evento aquí.


Grassroots Global Justice

This week, GGJ hosted a powerful event with our member, the Garment Worker Center in Los Angeles, who are fighting for the inclusion of essential workers in dignified minimum wage and are advocating to pass California’s SB 62.

Women and gender-oppressed people from Bangladesh to Brazil to Los Angeles are creating solutions for real economic justice, expanding worker rights, and demanding vaccines to ensure all workers are safe. “As the majority of the workforce, Latina immigrant women bear the brunt of widespread wage theft in LA’s garment industry.  In fact, the garment industry has exploited the labor of women, especially women of color, since its inception. California’s SB 62  proposes a sweeping change, including eliminating the piece-rate system and holding fashion brands accountable for wage theft,” said Daisy Gonzales, Organizing Director at Garment Worker Center.

Watch this incredible conversation here. Also take action to support the organizing of garment workers fighting to pass SB 62 here.

Esta semana, GGJ hospedó un evento poderoso con nuestra organización miembro, el Centro de Trabajadores de Costura en Los Angeles, que está luchando por la inclusión de les trabajadores esenciales en el sueldo mínimo digo, y está abogando para que se apruebe la ley SB 62 en California.

Mujeres y gente de géneros oprimidos, de Bangladesh a Brasil a Los Angeles, están creando soluciones por una verdadera justicia económica y para expandir los derechos de los trabajadores, y exigiendo vacunas para asegurar que todos los trabajadores estén seguros. “Como mayoría en la fuerza laboral, las mujeres inmigrantes latinas llevan la mayor carga del robo generalizado de sueldos en la industria textil de LA. De hecho, la industria de vestimentas ha explotado la labor de las mujeres, especialmente las mujeres de color, desde su concepción. La ley SB62 de California propone un cambio extenso, incluyendo eliminar el sistema de pago por prenda y responsabilizar a las marcas de ropa por el robo de sueldos,” dijo Daisy Gonzales, Directora Organizativa en el Centro de Trabajadores de Costura.

Mire esta increíble conversación aquí. También tome acción para apoyar el trabajo organizativo de les trabajadores costureros para ratificar SB 62 aquí.

We Call on Biden to Demonstrate Real Climate Leadership, Keep Fossil Fuels in the Ground, Stop Supporting False Solutions

Today, as President Joe Biden convenes world leaders at a climate summit, the It Takes Roots Alliance calls for leadership and concrete commitments from the United States at the national and global levels, not just symbolic gestures. Biden must demonstrate real commitment to climate leadership by first stopping fossil fuel extraction in the U.S. and taking drastic action to keep global warming below 1.5 degrees Celsius. Biden must stop all new fossil fuel projects -- beginning with Line 3 and Dakota Access Pipeline -- and commit to rapidly reducing greenhouse gas emissions at source, while supporting workers and communities impacted by economic transition.

“Any form of carbon pricing mechanisms implemented by the Biden administration to mitigate climate change has nothing to do with reducing emissions at source. It is nothing but a trading mechanism that allows polluters to continue emitting greenhouse gases, for a price.”

Tom BK Goldtooth, Executive Director, Indigenous Environmental Network

“The US is the second largest producer of Greenhouse Gas emissions in the world.  The frontlines of the floods, wildfires, and drought we are already living through are not only here in North Dakota, Kentucky, Alaska, California, and the Gulf South -- they are global.  We stand in solidarity with the small island states and the popular movements in Bangladesh, Mozambique, Ecuador, the Amazon Forests.  We call on the Biden Administration to bear our historic responsibility for driving the climate crisis and make clear commitments to actual emissions reductions at the source of pollution. Our first step must be to stop all fossil fuel projects now, beginning with the Line 3 and Dakota Access Pipelines, and invest in global reparations and an economy of care, regeneration and well being for the people and planet.”

Jaron Browne, Grassroots Global Justice Alliance

“CJA encourages all hands on deck to battle this climate emergency world-wide, but we can’t continue to follow, empower, and rely on those who created the crisis to solve it. These false schemes should not be on the menu or funded through US investments. This will only serve to save the dying fossil fuel and gas industries fattening their wallets while continuing to lay the burden to solve the crisis on frontline communities.”

Climate Justice Alliance



It Takes Roots is a multiracial, multicultural, intergenerational alliance comprised of the Climate Justice Alliance, Grassroots Global Justice Alliance, Indigenous Environmental Network, and Right To The City Alliance. We represent over 200 organizations and affiliates in over 50 states, provinces, territories and Indigenous lands. Led by women, gender non-conforming people, people of color, Black and Indigenous Peoples, It Takes Roots represents members of frontline, Indigenous, and environmental justice communities in the United States and members of communities who have come to the U.S. because of unjust climate and international policies forced on us from Democratic and Republican administrations alike. We intimately understand the impacts of the interlocking crises of white supremacy, environmental racism, economic injustice, a public health pandemic, fossil fuel extraction, and climate chaos.

Communities at the frontlines of pollution, fossil fuel extraction, and climate crisis are employing real climate solutions today, and must be at the center of the domestic and global response to climate crisis. To lead and address the climate emergency at the scope and scale required, the U.S. must immediately:


  • Stop approving fossil fuel projects, beginning with ending the Enbridge Line 3 and Dakota Access Pipeline projects. Fossil fuels are the primary cause of the climate crisis yet expansion of oil, gas and coal continues.
  • Stop supporting false solutions like carbon markets incorporated into nature-based solutions and green-washing that commodifies forests, and soils into carbon offset regimes. Tell your Climate Envoy to the UN climate conference in November to not support Article 6 of the Paris Agreement, that if implemented, would result in human rights violations. Immediately stop promoting these approaches as avenues to combat climate change.
  • Take responsibility for the historic U.S. role in creating the climate crisis by committing to pay its fair share to global climate solutions, through investments in solutions led and governed by communities in the Global South, including in renewable energy, green infrastructure, and Just Transition strategies based on community need, not corporate greed.


To keep the warming of Mother Earth under 1.5 degrees, as the White House claims to be in agreement with, Biden must go farther than its existing promises by increasing emissions-reduction targets to achieve zero emissions as rapidly as possible and reducing pollution at source. Rather than promoting new fossil fuel projects, neoliberal policy schemes and industrial techno-fixes that are driven by corporate profits and that harm communities, Biden must listen to the leadership of Indigenous, Black, People of Color, poor communities and workers hit first and worst by the climate crisis, and support bottom-up strategies and priorities for a Just Transition off of fossil fuels and towards a healthy economy for all.

It is only by taking these measures that we can begin to get the Earth back in balance and address the climate crisis in a way that does not bring further harm to the frontline communities that are experiencing the greatest impact of the climate crisis, instead of wealthy, greenhouse gas-generating corporations continuing to evade responsibility.

Grassroots, Environmental Justice Communities Call on Biden to Go Bigger, Bolder and Faster for a Climate, Care and Infrastructure Recovery Package

It Takes Roots, a multiracial, multicultural, multigenerational alliance comprised of the Climate Justice Alliance, Grassroots Global Justice Alliance, Indigenous Environmental Network, and Right To The City Alliance, appreciates the beginning steps announced by the Biden Administration today as he unveiled details of an infrastructure package to help the country recover- and we implore him to go further, faster. 

Our networks represent over 200 organizations and affiliates in over 50 states, provinces, territories and Indigenous lands; led by women, gender non-conforming people, people of color, and Black and Indigenous Peoples. We intimately understand the impacts of the interlocking white supremacist economic, democratic and climate crises we are facing today and it calls for bold action. Now is the time to chart a historic course forward that will ensure good jobs, care for our children, a future free from pollution, greenhouse gases and environmental devastation, and investment in historically disenfranchised communities who have long been ravaged by economic injustice, inequitable impediments to Tribal sovereignty, racism and white supremacist violence.

Any recovery package must center and support those communities most devastated by the economic, climate and COVID crises. The current proposed investment in affordable housing will not be enough to address the lack of housing options for low-income and tribal communities and the current eviction crisis. We encourage a doubling of investment in order to increase the affordable housing stock available while simultaneously ensuring that undocumented peoples, large families, formerly incarcerated individuals, low-income communities of color, tribes, rural communities, disabled peoples, and LGBTQ individuals have fair and greater access. We must also uplift a care economy by investing in public and tribal institutions and care infrastructure for children, people with disabilities, and the elderly, settings where predominantly women of color and underpaid caregivers and essential workers are employed. Investments must not only go to expanding public transportation but to local renewable, community and tribal controlled energy systems, safe and clean water and wastewater sanitation systems and more in frontline and tribal communities at a rate and scale never before seen.

We applaud President Biden’s announcement to eliminate billions in fossil fuel subsidies and although not mentioned today, we reiterate that any support for nuclear, natural gas, and fracking as climate friendly is unacceptable. These measures would only continue to harm frontline communities while doing nothing to address emissions reduction or mitigating the effects of climate change at the levels and action needed. They would tie us to long term financial commitments to dirty energy infrastructure and unacceptable “clean” energy standards that we can’t allow. We call for binding climate targets to ensure 100% clean energy generated by 2035. Biden’s plan, however, invests in research and development in technologies that may cause harm to frontline communities and the planet. Investments must not expand extraction, processing or use of fossil fuels or uranium at any level of the supply chain; hydropower that displaces communities; biofuels and bioproducts; or the use of carbon markets, emission offsets or carbon capture and other unproven geoengineering technologies.

The time to be bold and courageous is now. A truly comprehensive recovery package is what’s in order, one that addresses physical infrastructure alongside human infrastructure through the  expansion of social programs to redress historic inequality, and shifting the economy away from dirty fossil fuels without the use of market based false solutions. The THRIVE Act, which calls for an investment in communities of $10 trillion over 10 years, rather than Biden’s plan of $2 trillion over 8 years, is a good place to start.

Additionally, we call on Biden to increase investments to at least 50%, allocated directly to frontline communities, with a commitment to accountability and equity. So-called “benefits'' to communities can be easily appropriated by the private sector and polluting industries. The Build Back Better Plan must ensure financing goes directly to communities that need it the most. 

Moreover, US economic recovery and investments require Tribes and Indigenous communities to be at the center of an economic recovery, respecting the Nation-to-Nation relationship of Tribal nations with the Federal government. Each federal agency must use administrative authorities to create set-aside funding for Tribes and Indigenous communities based on a formula, and Tribal consensual process, to ensure investments are made available and allocated in an equitable manner.

The next recovery plan must redraw the boundaries of the economy to bring them in line with ecological limits and common-sense science. We strongly encourage the Biden Administration to prioritize those impacted first and worst by these crises in the forthcoming recovery package. This is the promise he was elected on and what we will hold him accountable to.


Feminist Economy for People and Planet

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In a feminist economy we recognize, value, and center reproductive labor as low carbon, community generating, life affirming, and skilled work that is necessary for the well being of everyone and to sustain human society and nature itself.

On February 23rd we held a teach-in on a Feminist Economy for People and the Planet, hosted by Grassroots Global Justice, the United Frontline Table, the Feminist Green New Deal and the people behind the Feminist COVID recovery proposal in Hawaii.


  • Santra Dennis, Miami Workers Center
  • Khara Jabola-Carolus, Director of the Hawaiʻi State Commission on the Status of Women
  • Jazmín Delgado, Strategic Advisor to the The Feminist Peace Initiative and at the Center for Political Education
  • Simone Senogeles, Indigenous Environmental Network


Please share the following text and images!

Feminist leadership is paving the way for the transition to a just and sustainable world and a Green New Deal. What does it mean to invest in the Feminist Economy?

In a feminist economy, we recognize, value, and center reproductive labor as low-carbon, community-generating, life-affirming, and skilled work that is necessary for the well-being of everyone and to sustain human society and nature itself. Feminist economy focuses on four principles to re-envision our world: ensuring bodily autonomy and self-determination as it relates to feminized, transgender, and gender non-conforming people; socializing reproductive labor; being in right relationship with people globally; and being in right relationship with nature and Mother Earth.

We need to protect, repair, invest, and transform our society in the following ways:

  1. Protect Women and Girls from Violence in Extractive Industries
  2. Strengthen Worker Rights and Protections
  3. End US Sanctions
  4. Pay Our Climate Debt
  5. Invest in the Care Economy
  6. Transform Health Care & Reproductive Justice

Read more from People's Orientation to a Regenerative Economy toolkit at


“A Feminist economy is the recipe for the recovery and economic, social and emotional inclusion of migrant working women. It is a just and diverse way to build our well-being when we look to our future.”


Economía feminista para el pueblo y el planeta

En una economía feminista reconocemos, valoramos y centramos el trabajo reproductivo como un trabajo cualificado de baja emisión de carbono, generador de comunidad, y de afirmación de la vida que es necesario para el bienestar de todes y para sostener la sociedad humana y la propia naturaleza.

¡Por favor, reserve la fecha para nuestro primer taller sobre una economía feminista para la gente y el planeta, organizado por Grassroots Global Justice Alliance, United Frontline Table, Feminist Green New Deal, y les lideres detrás de la propuesta feminista de recuperación del COVID en Hawaii.


  • Santra Dennis, Miami Workers Center
  • Khara Jabola-Carolus, Director of the Hawaiʻi State Commission on the Status of Women
  • Jazmín Delgado, Strategic Advisor to the The Feminist Peace Initiative and at the Center for Political Education
  • Simone Senogeles, Indigenous Environmental Network


¡Comparte el siguiente texto e imágenes!

En una economía feminista, reconocemos, valoramos y centramos el trabajo reproductivo como uno calificado, afirmador de vida, generador de comunidad y de bajas emisiones de carbono, siendo este necesario para sostener la sociedad humana, el bienestar de todxs y la naturaleza misma. Para volver a idear nuestro mundo, la economía feminista se enfoca en cuatro principios: garantizar la autonomía corporal y la autodeterminación en lo que se refiere a las personas feminizadas y no conformes con el género (GNC); socialización del trabajo reproductivo; estar en buena relación con las personas a nivel global; y estar en buena relación con la naturaleza y la Madre Tierra.

Nosotras necesitamos transformar la sociedad. Proteger, Reparar, Invertir, Transformar--Un Nuevo Acuerdo Verde necesita las cuatro juntas. Debemos proteger y reparar a las comunidades y lxs trabajadorxs, de la violencia histórica y actual y de los daños causados por una economía extractiva.

  1. Proteger a Mujeres y Niñas de la Violencia en las Industrias Extractivas
  2. Fortalecer los Derechos y Protecciones para lxs trabajadorxs
  3. Poner Fin a las Sanciones de los USA
  4. Pagar Nuestra Deuda Climática
  5. Invertir en la Economía del Cuidado
  6. Transformar El Cuidado Médico y la Justicia Reproductiva

Leer más de Una Guía Popular para la Economía Regenerativa


“La economía feminista es la receta para la recuperación e inclusión económica, social, emocional de más mujeres migrantes trabajadoras. Es una forma justa y diversa para construir nuestro bienestar cuando miramos al futuro.”


Listen to the grassroots / Escuchar a las bases

(español abajo)


It Takes Roots to Win People’s Solutions. The work has just begun to hold a Biden presidency accountable to advancing the climate, racial, gender, and housing justice solutions that the frontlines have been pushing for years. We are ready to lead.

Check out this video of It Takes Roots members on solutions from the frontlines


We have the solutions to the climate crisis, for a just recovery from the pandemic, and to build a future of regenerative economies that will light a way out of this extractive nightmare destroying the land and causing the death of over 350k people in the U.S. from COVID19.

The people won this election and the people defeated Trump. A record number of Black, Indigenous, people of color, and frontline communities took to the polls in defense of our people and Mother Earth.

No one should be evicted in the middle of a pandemic. No more broken policies. No new pipelines. No more false solutions like carbon markets and geoengineering. It’s time for our solutions to the front.

We need real relief for struggling people. We need a Green New Deal that centers racial and economic justice and is guided by Indigenous principles of just transition. We need feminist foreign policy that moves money from the war machine into a renewed and inclusive social safety net. We need Land Back into Indigenous hands. Now.

We are engaged in strategic direct action, we are formulating proposals for immediate policy change, and we are building local and regional alternatives to the settler-colonialist capitalist economy.

Please share this message so we can build momentum to #WinPeoplesSolutions


“We got we. We have the vision and solutions to cultivate the system.” Aghilah Nadaraj, Kheprw Institute, Climate Justice Alliance.

“We cannot afford to let the incoming administration fool us into thinking that ‘meeting in the middle’ is the only way to get anything done.” Frank Southall, Jane Place Neighborhood Sustainability Initiative, Right to the City Alliance.

“We are mobilizing to move the US economy from one that’s extractive and dehumanizing to a worker-centered, feminist regenerative economy,” Trenise Bryant, Miami Workers Center, Grassroots Global Justice.

“The vision for the future is for us all to see each other as being greater together than the sum of our parts,” Ashly Hall, Descendants’ Alliance, Indigenous Environmental Network.

Escuchar a las bases

Se Necesitan Raíces para ganar las soluciones de la gente. El trabajo acaba de comenzar para que una presidencia de Biden se haga responsable de promover las soluciones de justicia climática, racial, de género y de vivienda que las bases hemos estado impulsando durante años. Estamos preparados para liderar.

Mira este vídeo de los miembros de It Takes Roots (Se Necesitan Raíces) sobre las soluciones desde la primera línea


Tenemos las soluciones para la crisis climática, para una recuperación justa de la pandemia, y para construir un futuro de economías regenerativas que iluminen una salida a esta pesadilla extractiva que destruye la tierra y causa la muerte de más de 350k personas en los EE.UU. por el COVID19.

El pueblo ganó estas elecciones y el pueblo derrotó a Trump. Un número récord de gente negra indígena, de color y comunidades de primera línea acudieron a las urnas en defensa de nuestra gente y de la Madre Tierra.

Nadie debe ser desalojado en medio de una pandemia. No más políticas rotas. No más oleoductos. No más soluciones falsas como los mercados de carbono y la geoingeniería. Es hora de que nuestras soluciones pasen al frente.

Necesitamos un alivio real para las personas que luchan por sobrevivir. Necesitamos un Nuevo Trato Verde que se centre en la justicia racial y económica y se guíe por los principios indígenas de la transición justa. Necesitamos una política exterior feminista que traslade el dinero de la maquinaria de guerra a una red de seguridad social renovada e inclusiva. Necesitamos que la Tierra vuelva a estar en manos de los indígenas. Ahora.

Estamos participando en acciones directas estratégicas, estamos formulando propuestas para un cambio político inmediato y estamos construyendo alternativas locales y regionales a la economía capitalista de los colonos.

Por favor, comparte este mensaje para que podamos dar impulso a #WinPeoplesSolutions (#GanasLasSolucionesDelPueblo)


"Tenemos a nosotrxs. Tenemos la visión y las soluciones para cultivar el sistema". Aghilah Nadaraj, Instituto Kheprw, Alianza por la Justicia Climática.

"No podemos permitir que la administración entrante nos engañe pensando que ‘encontrarnos en el medio’ es la única manera de conseguir algo". Frank Southall, Iniciativa de Sostenibilidad Vecinal de Jane Place, Alianza de Derecho a la Ciudad.

"Nos estamos movilizando para que la economía estadounidense deje de ser extractiva y deshumanizada y pase a ser una economía regenerativa y feminista centrada en los trabajadores", Trenise Bryant, Centro de Trabajadores de Miami, La Alianza Popular por la Justicia Global.

"La visión del futuro es que todos nos veamos como algo más grande que la suma de nuestras partes", Ashly Hall, Alianza de Descendientes, la Red Ambiental Indígena.

We Will Win People's Solutions

Already from the first day the Biden administration is delivering on key demands from our movements, but we know continued bold action is needed to get anywhere near the transformative solutions our communities need to survive and thrive. The work has just begun to hold a Biden presidency accountable to advancing the climate, racial, gender, and housing justice solutions that the frontlines have been pushing for years.

Read more from our sister alliances below on key struggles to support in this period, and how you can take action in the next 100 days.

Biden Revokes Keystone XL, Indigenous Leaders Celebrate and Push for Stronger Action

from Indigenous Environmental Network

Yesterday, Indigenous organizers and our broader climate justice movement won a decade-long campaign against the Keystone XL Pipeline and a temporary moratorium on oil and gas activity in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. This is a huge victory — AND – we need to keep up momentum to make sure Biden follows through with immediate action on Line 3, Dakota Access (DAPL), rejecting all fossil project approvals, and investing in Black, Indigenous, and People of Color and an economy that works for all.

WHAT: #BuildBackFossilFree Digital Rally
WHEN: Tuesday, January 26 from 8:00pm to 9:30pm ET / 5:00pm to 6:30pm PT
WHO: Frontline leaders protecting their communities from fossil fuel extraction and infrastructure

Please join Build Back Fossil Free on Tuesday, January 26 for a digital rally calling on President Biden to take bold executive action to end the era of fossil fuel production, protect communities reeling from the climate and COVID-19 crises, and #BuildBackFossilFree. The rally will feature frontline leaders fighting toxic fossil fuel projects and lay the groundwork for a coordinated organizing push to build on this week’s momentum.

Click here to register for the rally

Please also follow Indigenous Environmental Network to amplify a live-stream of the event on Facebook:

“It is imperative that we keep the pressure on President-elect Biden to put an end to ALL fossil fuel infrastructure and projects, making the ones that are near or on indigenous territories of top priority. We love that KXL will be extinguished but what about Line 3, TransMountain, and numerous others? Every project brought back to the desk of elected officials needs to first be in the hands of the indigenous people with indigenous voices having the first and last say over what happens to the land and water.” Said Tasina Sapa Win Smith, Co-founder of Cheyenne River Grassroots Collective.

Click here to read more


No More Broken Policies: Housing is the Cure

from Right to the City Alliance

Yesterday — on Day 1 — the new Biden administration signed an executive order to extend Trump’s broken federal eviction moratorium. As renters and housing advocates across the country, we are deeply concerned. Millions of renters were already dealing with the weight of the housing crisis before the pandemic hit — surviving the Trump administration and decades of white supremacist and capitalist violence. Our neighborhoods have gone from places where we love, heal, grow, learn, play, rest, and dream to a place where corporations and banks turn a profit, and sheriffs evict our families.


We know housing is the cure to this crisis. We call upon the incoming Biden administration to take immediate action to protect our homes, our families, and our communities.

SIGN THIS PETITION to tell President-Elect Joseph R. Biden & Dr. Rochelle Walensky, incoming CDC Director to:

  • End evictions + stop utility shut offs: direct the CDC in coordination with the Department of Justice (DOJ) and Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to immediately strengthen, and enforce national moratorium on all evictions and utility shut offs for the duration of the pandemic.
  • Cancel rent, mortgages & debt: work with Congress, and State and Local governments to suspend rent & mortgage obligations and all rent, utility, and mortgage debt as result of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • We can build a future where those most in need are protected to stay in their homes. A future where every person and family is guaranteed a safe, healthy and dignified home. Sign now to say loud and clear: #HousingIsTheCure!

Click here to read more


Climate Justice Communities Demand Bold Action in First 100 Days

from Climate Justice Alliance

In order to genuinely address the four overlapping crises: the COVID-19 pandemic, the economic crisis, climate change, and racial equity, which the incoming administration has committed to making its most pressing priorities, during the first 100 days of the Biden/Harris Administration, we call on the President to immediately take these 25 key executive actions to build back fossil free by:

  • Protecting and investing in the Black, Indigenous, Brown, and working-class communities that have borne the brunt of fossil fuel pollution, extraction and climate disasters;
  • Rejecting new fossil fuel projects, eliminating giveaways to oil, gas, and coal corporations, and ending the era of fossil fuel production in a way that fosters a just and equitable transition for workers and communities;
  • Launching a national climate mobilization to Build Back Fossil Free, deliver jobs, justice, create real solutions to reducing emissions, and opportunity for all;

While we applaud reversing many of Trump’s policies, including rejoining the international community in the Paris Agreement, this is the bare minimum. Techno-fixes, market schemes, and false solutions to the climate crisis through neo-liberal paradigms like this are neither progressive nor beneficial to our communities. Article 6 of the Paris Agreement, which includes carbon offsets and other false mechanisms, should be eliminated from the agreement because it does not align with the values and tenets of climate justice or Indigenous and Tribal sovereignty. Maintaining or increasing sacrifice zones in our communities that are the direct consequence of neo-liberal market based approaches, such as the above and others like carbon market mechanisms and risky geoengineering projects, are not solutions. They are subsidies to Big Business that serve to continue the historical harm the newly-elected President Biden has committed himself to stopping. We need aspirational leadership, not more of the same. We have provided  answers and solutions through various avenues, including but not limited to the THRIVE Agenda, Build Back Fossil Free, National Justice Housing Platform and A People’s Orientation to a Regenerative Economy, and we will hold you accountable to making them happen.

Click here to read more


A Time to Transform: Radical Imaginations of Our Movements / Tiempo de transformar: Imaginaciones radicales de nuestros movimientos

from Grassroots Global Justice

On Inauguration Day, the wave of executive orders—revoking the Keystone XL pipeline and the dehumanizing Muslim travel ban, fortifying DACA protections, and rejoining the Paris Climate Agreement—were all a necessary immediate response from the Biden-Harris adminstration to the rising strength of racial justice movements. Over the past four years, Black, Brown, Indigenous, and poor communities have relentlessly fought against the grave harm and cruelty of the Trump-Pence administration. While we celebrate the relief these initial executive orders will bring to our communities, we are also deeply aware that these are only the return to the baseline of human decency. Our visions and solutions are so much bolder!

“Our movements will fight for healthcare for all, climate justice, dignified wages and reparations. We also will push for foreign policy that rejects U.S. imperialism and undoes the harm done to countless communities from Venezuela to Palestine. As the liberation fighters in Mozambique used to say, ‘la luta continua!’ [the struggle continues]” said Ajamu Dillahunt of Black Workers for Justice.

This week, we celebrate the many strategic ways our grassroots movements have mobilized in this period, and we are energized by this collective brilliance to organize and win. Our grassroots member organizations continue to take transformative actions across the country, setting into motion bold political visions of building a better, more sustainable world.

Click here to read more

El día de la inauguración presidencial, la ola de órdenes ejecutivas —la revocación del oleoducto Keystone XL y de la deshumanizadora prohibición de viajar a los musulmanes, el fortalecimiento de las protecciones de DACA y la reintegración al Acuerdo Climático de París— fueron una respuesta inmediata necesaria del gobierno Biden-Harris a la creciente fuerza de los movimientos de justicia racial. Durante los últimos cuatro años, las comunidades negras, de color, indígenas y pobres han luchado sin descanso contra el grave daño y la crueldad innecesaria realizados por el gobierno Trump-Pence. Si bien celebramos el alivio que estas órdenes ejecutivas iniciales traerán a nuestras comunidades, también somos profundamente conscientes de que estas son sólo el retorno a la línea de base de la decencia humana. ¡Nuestras visiones y soluciones son mucho más audaces!

“Nuestros movimientos lucharán por la atención médica para todos, la justicia climática, los salarios dignos y las reparaciones. También presionaremos por una política exterior que rechace el imperialismo estadounidense y deshaga el daño causado a innumerables comunidades, desde Venezuela hasta Palestina. Como decían los luchadores por la liberación en Mozambique: ‘la lucha continúa!’” dijo Ajamu Dillahunt de Black Workers for Justice (Trabajadores Negros por la Justicia).

Esta semana, celebramos las muchas formas estratégicas en que nuestros movimientos de base se han movilizado en este período, y nos sentimos energizades por esta brillantez colectiva para organizar y ganar. Nuestras organizaciones de base miembro siguen emprendiendo acciones transformadoras en todo el país, poniendo en marcha audaces visiones políticas para construir un mundo mejor y más sostenible.

haga clic aquí para leer más

Frontline leaders occupy the DNC for climate justice

[abajo en español]

The people decided and we are ready to lead. Recently, frontline organizations led by Black, Indigenous and brown communities from across Turtle Island occupied the Democratic National Committee Headquarters in Washington for 24 hours to demand that President-Elect Biden and his administration follow through on a bold agenda to address the climate crisis and racial justice. Watch the video here.

Take Action

For It Takes Roots and our Sister Alliances, this direct action was just one part of our long arc of work to advance a just transition to a regenerative economy for the survival of our people and Mother Earth. There will be key opportunities in this next period to build toward our long-term goals by advancing short-term solutions. Through the THRIVE agenda, we are advancing national legislative solutions to climate change, COVID relief, and racial justice and discrediting the false solutions like carbon credits and geoengineering advanced by corporations and polluters. It is key to take action now to shape the agenda for Biden’s first 100 days.

Has your member of Congress signed onto the THRIVE resolution? Find out and send a letter here.


Thanks to all who led in this space Cheyenne River Grassroots Collective, Gulf Coast Center for Law & Policy (GCCLP), BLM Philly General Body Meeting, ARM in ARM 4 Climate, Right To The City Alliance, Climate Justice Alliance, Grassroots Global Justice Alliance, Sunrise Movement, Working Families Party, People's Action, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Jamaal Bowman, Ilhan Omar, Senator Edward J. Markey, Ro Khanna.

The livestream is available from the morning rally and afternoon rally. Also check out our Instagram page for additional photos and interviews from the evening.

People’s Orientation to a Regenerative Economy

To learn more about our long-term work to advance regenerative economies, please read this toolkit developed by the United Frontline Table, a group engaging in national Green New Deal work which includes our ITR and our sister alliances and other local and national organizations in the grassroots organizing sector. This toolkit is critical documentation of our positive vision for the future.


Los líderes de las comunidades de la primera línea ocupan el DNC en pos de la justicia climática

El pueblo decidió y estamos listos para liderar. Recientemente, organizaciones de primera línea lideradas por comunidades negras, indígenas y Latinx de toda la Isla de la Tortuga ocuparon la sede del Comité Nacional Demócrata en Washington durante 24 horas para exigir que el presidente electo Biden y su administración siguieran una agenda audaz para abordar la crisis climática y la justicia racial. Vea el video aquí.

Tome acción

Esta acción directa fue sólo una parte de nuestro largo arco de trabajo para avanzar una transición justa hacia una economía regenerativa por la supervivencia de nuestro pueblo y de la Madre Tierra. Habrá oportunidades clave en este próximo período para articular nuestros objetivos a largo plazo avanzando soluciones a corto plazo. A través de la agenda THRIVE, estamos avanzando soluciones legislativas nacionales en torno al cambio climático, el alivio de COVID, y la justicia racial y a desacreditar las falsas soluciones como los créditos de carbono y la geoingeniería promulgada por las corporaciones y los contaminadores. Es clave tomar medidas ahora para dar forma a la agenda de los primeros 100 días de Biden.

¿Acaso ha firmado su miembro del Congreso la resolución THRIVE? Averígüelo y envíe una carta aquí.

Gracias a todos los que lideraron en este espacio como el Colectivo de Base del Río Cheyenne, el Centro de la Costa del Golfo para la Ley y la Política (GCCLP), la Reunión de Coordinación General de BLM Filadelfia, ARM 4 Climate, la Alianza del Derecho a la Ciudad, la Alianza para la Justicia Climática, la Alianza Popular para la Justicia Global, el Partido de las Familias Trabajadoras, el Movimiento Sunrise,  People's Action, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Jamaal Bowman, Ilhan Omar, el Senador Edward J. Markey, Ro Khanna.

La transmisión en vivo está disponible del mitin de la mañana y del de la tarde. También revise nuestra página de Instagram para fotos adicionales y entrevistas de la tarde.

Orientación Popular para una Economía Regenerativa

Para saber más sobre nuestro trabajo a largo plazo para avanzar en las economías regenerativas, por favor lea este kit de herramientas desarrollado por la United Frontline Table, un grupo que participa en el trabajo nacional del Nuevo Trato Verde que incluye ITR y nuestras alianzas hermanas y otras organizaciones locales y nacionales en el sector de la organización de base. Este conjunto de herramientas es una documentación vital de nuestra visión positiva del futuro.

The people have decided and won

Haga clic para el español

Today, we celebrate the defeat of Trump at the hands of our communities. A record number of Black, Indigenous, people of color, and frontline communities took to the polls in the face of a global pandemic and explicit threats from white supremacists to win this election. For the people whose right to vote is suppressed because of immigration status or due to former or current incarceration, we see you. The organizing amongst all these communities is critical to the power of It Takes Roots, and is crucial to Just Transition. We defended the election in swift and effective mobilizations across the country to Count Every Vote and we de-escalated white supremacist violence by bringing joy to the polls.

Our communities have survived and resisted white supremacy and settler colonialism for over 500 years, and we didn't let the past 4 years stop us either. The Trump administration expanded a platform for virulent and deadly white nationalism, and this year we witnessed the failure of neoliberal governance under capitalism laid bare by the continued inept response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Amidst this pandemic we have mobilized to defend Black lives, asserted Indigenous sovereignty and defeated oil pipelines, built mutual aid infrastructure to meet our communities’ needs, and won eviction moratoriums across the country. Our communities have created platforms like A People’s Orientation to a Regenerative Economy for the kinds of policies that will lay the groundwork for a Just Transition. We are inspired by the broad movements who plan to keep their eyes on the prize to imagine a better future for us all.


County Every Vote rally in Philadelphia on 11/4/2020


Local Wins

As well as defeating Trump, our movement achieved major victories at the local level. The first Native trans woman, Stephanie Byers, was elected to the Kansas state legislature; progressive community leader and Black Lives Matter activist, Cori Bush, will become Missouri’s first Black woman in Congress; Ritchie Torres and Mondaire Jones, representing New York in the House of Representatives, will become the first gay Black members of Congress.

In California, Bay Rising members successfully worked to pass Prop 17, which will give the vote back to people on parole, and we continue to hope for the success of Prop 15, which will make corporations pay their fair share of property taxes. In Los Angeles, Measure J passed which will invest in social services and alternatives to incarceration, not prisons and policing. The San Francisco Anti-Displacement Coalition passed a tax on big real estate transactions to fund affordable housing and provide funds to eliminate rent debt.

Colorado Homes for All won a hard-fought ballot measure for 12 paid weeks family leave that applies to undocumented folks, gig workers, and independent workers. Movement Alliance Project, part of Alliance for Just Philly and Philly Action Council helped flip Pennsylvania against Trump. The Florida Immigrant Coalition (FLIC) helped elect progressive Daniella Levine Cava for Mayor, passed a $15/hour minimum wage, and canvassed hard for a 150k voter turnout. Jews for Racial and Economic Justice in New York helped elect Jamal Bowman to replace longtime Bronx Democrat Eliot Engel, a pro zionist hawk.

What’s Next

Our work to defend this election is not over. While the votes may be counted, it is the electoral college that elects the President of the United States. We’re joining with united front allies for a weekend of action from November 13th - 14th to defend the election results. 

Click here to sign up to take action Nov 13-14

This is our moment to press for bold transformative policies and to be prepared to fight any neoliberal proposals from the Biden Administration. We cannot do this alone. Continuing to work in broader United Front formations, for examples through formations to win a Green New Deal, will be a key component of our collective strategy moving into the next period.

Our movements have been engaging with allies to push for the inclusion of principles like environmental justice, Indigenous sovereignty, and COVID relief in the Green New Deal and legislative vehicles like the THRIVE agenda. Biden has made key commitments to move on environmental policy and we will hold him accountable. The Green New Deal is a mid-term vehicle toward our long-term goals like regenerative economies. It is up to us to push this new administration to move many other critical interventions such as the BREATHE Act, A People’s Orientation for a Regenerative Economy, Housing Justice National Platform, and Feminist Foreign Policy.

We must also be prepared to intensify our organizing against white nationalism and settler-colonialism. The country is divided between people who want a multi-racial, deep democracy and people who cling to and align themselves with white supremacy. Our organizing from the ground up is essential to tip the scales toward justice and build a regenerative economy for people and the Earth. Biden did not win in a landslide even with record turnout, and we are likely facing a Republican-controlled Senate. That means we have a lot of work to do. We are ready to take action to protect our communities against vigilante and white supremacist violence.


UPROSE Climate Justice Youth Summit in NYC

Statements from each alliance

Indigenous Environmental Network

“The United States has a new president. Our network will continue to be a driving force in holding the powers in office accountable to the original peoples of these lands and territories. All across Turtle Island Indigenous peoples are rising up to assert our inherent sovereign rights, defend our territories, and protect the future generations. For the health and respect of the sacredness of Mother Earth and Father Sky, we will not falter, Indigenous voices will be heard,” the staff of the Indigenous Environmental Network.

Full statement


Grassroots Global Justice

“We just saw the mobilizing power of our communities! We know we need to transform this society to have self-determination for people of color, for Indigenous, Black and migrant communities. It’s beyond this election, and we need to not just defeat, but also build the alternatives that exist everywhere in our communities. We are seeing incredible mutual aid networks and solidarity at a local, national and international level,” Grassroots Feminisms National Organizer, Kitzia Esteva-Martinez.

Full statement


Climate Justice Alliance

As Acacia “Caci” Maggard, organizer with the Climate Justice Alliance member group Kentucky Student Environmental Coalition stated, “We can’t let politics limit our imagination.” We are driven by the eternal lessons of our ancestors who guide and inform our resiliency, reminding us of our responsibility to shape and sustain our collective future. Climate Justice Alliance is committed to advancing climate justice policy that centers community solutions and grassroots organizing that build the new and fight the bad.

Full statement


Right to the City Alliance

“The people have decided and won! We fought, organized and voted to protect ourselves from the tyranny of a fascist regime. Black, Indigenous & People of Color-led organizations came together to show our power.  Our communities aren’t just most impacted, but our people are the ones visioning, creating, and consistently uplifting the clear demands to lead us towards the healthy, safe & thriving communities we all deserve. With millions of renters and their families facing insurmountable debt and evictions at the end of the year, and a new administration rolling in, we know grassroots organizing, base building, mutual aid, and strategies that unite the housing justice movement with other frontline forces will be vital for us to win.” Executive Director, Dawn Phillips

Full Statement


OneDC #CancelRent rally in Washington D.C.


We have a new president. While the conditions in the terrain of struggle have changed, the time for frontline organizing and leadership are important now more than ever. It is a time for us to gather our forces, assess the moment, and press forward for the demands that seed the ground for Just Transition and the liberation of all our people.

La gente decidió y ganó

Hoy festejamos la derrota de Trump a mano de nuestras comunidades. Una cantidad récord de comunidades negras, indígenas, de gente de color y de primera línea fue a votar, a pesar de una pandemia global y amenazas explícitas por parte de supremacistas blancos, para ganar esta elección. A la gente cuyo derecho al voto es suprimido por su estatus inmigratorio o por un encarcelamiento previo o actual: les vemos. El trabajo organizativo entre todas estas comunidades es crítico al poder de Se Necesitan Raíces, y es crucial para una Transición Justa. Defendimos la elección a través de movilizaciones rápidas y efectivas en todo el país para Contar Cada Voto, y des-intensificamos la violencia de la supremacía blanca al traer alegría a los lugares de votación.

Nuestras comunidades han sobrevivido y resistido a la supremacía blanca y el colonialismo durante 500 años, y tampoco permitimos que los últimos 4 años nos frenen. La administración de Trump expandió una plataforma para el nacionalismo blanco virulento y letal, y este año fuimos testigos del fracaso de la gobernanza neoliberal bajo el capitalismo expuesto por la  respuesta continuamente inepta a la pandemia de COVID-19. En medio de esta pandemia hemos movilizado para defender las vidas negras, defendimos la soberanía indígena y derrotamos a los oleoductos, construimos infraestructuras de ayuda mutua para satisfacer las necesidades de nuestras comunidades, y ganamos moratorias a los desalojos en todo el país. Nuestras comunidades han creado plataformas como Una Guía del Pueblo para una Economía Regenerativa para los tipos de políticas que establecen los cimientos para una transición justa.  Estamos inspirades por los movimientos amplios que planean mantener la mirada en la meta final para imaginar un futuro para todes.

Victorias locales

Además de derrotar a Trump, nuestro movimiento logró grandes victorias a nivel local. Stephanie Byers se convirtió en la primera mujer indígena trans electa para la legislatura estatal de Kansas; Cori Bush, líder comunitaria progresista y activista de Las Vidas Negras Importan, se convertirá en la primera mujer negra de Missouri en el Congreso; Ritchie Torres Mondaire Jones, representando a Nueva York en la Cámara de Representantes, se convertirán en los primeros miembros negros gay del Congreso.

En California, los miembros de Bay Rising trabajaron exitosamente para aprobar la Prop 17, la cual le devolverá el voto a la gente en libertad condicional, y mantendremos las esperanzas para el éxito de la Prop 15, que hará que las corporaciones paguen su parte justa de los impuestos a la propiedad. En Los Ángeles, la Medida J se aprobó; ésta invertirá dinero en servicios sociales y alternativas al encarcelamiento, no en prisiones y vigilancia policial. La Coalición Anti-Desplazamiento de San Francisco logro que se apruebe un impuesto a las transacciones inmobiliarias grandes para financiar la vivienda asequible y proveer fondos para eliminar la deuda de renta.

Hogares para Todos de Colorado ganó una medida de papeleta muy reñida para obtener 12 semanas pagas de licencia familiar que vale para la gente indocumentada, les trabajadores del sector informal y les trabajadores independientes. El Proyecto de Alianzas del Movimiento, parte de la Alianza por una Philly Justa y el Concejo de Acción de Philly ayudó a tornar a Pensilvania contra Trump. La Coalición de Inmigrantes de Florida (FLIC por sus siglas en inglés) ayudó a elegir a la progresista Daniella Levine Cava como Alcalde, aprobó un sueldo mínimo de $15/hora e hizo mucha campaña para convocar a 150K votantes. Judíos por la Justicia Racial y Económica en Nueva York ayudaron a elegir a Jamal Bowman para remplazar a Eliot Engel, un demócrata de largo plazo en Bronx y halcón pro-sionista.

Lo que sigue

Nuestro trabajo para defender esta elección no ha terminado. Si bien puede que cuenten los votos, es el colegio electoral el que selecciona al Presidente de los Estados Unidos. Estamos juntándonos con aliados del frente unido para un fin de semana de acción del 13 al 15 de noviembre para defender los resultados de las elecciones.

Éste es nuestro momento para poner presión a favor de políticas transformadoras audaces, y estar preparades para luchar contra cualquier propuesta neoliberal de la administración de Biden. No podemos hacer esto soles. Continuar con el trabajo en formaciones del Frente Unido más amplias, por ejemplo a través de formaciones para conseguir un Nuevo Pacto Verde, será un componente clave de nuestra estrategia colectiva entrando en el período siguiente.

Nuestros movimientos han estado actuando con aliades para poner presión para la inclusión de principios como la justicia ambiental, la soberanía indígena y el alivio frente a COVID en el Nuevo Pacto Verde y otros vehículos legislativos como la agenda THRIVE. Biden ha hecho compromisos claves para avanzar con políticas ecologistas, y le haremos rendir cuentas. El Nuevo Pacto Verde es un vehículo de medio plazo en el camino hacia nuestras metas de largo plazo, como las economías regenerativas. Depende de nosotres que presionemos a esta nueva administración para movilizar muchas otras intervenciones críticas como el Acta BREATHE, Una Guía del Pueblo para una Economía Regenerativa, la Plataforma Nacional para la Justicia de Vivienda, y una Política Exterior Feminista.

También debemos estar preparades para intensificar nuestro trabajo organizativo contra el nacionalismo blanco y el colonialismo de asentamiento. El país está dividido entre gente que quiere una profunda democracia multiracial y gente que se adhiere a y alinea con la supremacía blanca. Nuestro trabajo organizativo desde abajo es esencial para inclinar la balanza hacia la justicia y construir una economía regenerativa para la gente y la Tierra. Biden no triunfó de forma aplastante, aun con una concurrencia récord, y es muy probable que estemos enfrentando un Senado controlado por republicanos. Eso significa que tenemos mucho trabajo que hacer. Ya estamos listes para tomar acción para proteger a nuestras comunidades de justicieros y la violencia de la supremacía blanca.

Declaraciones de cada alianza

Red Ambiental Indígena (IEN)

“Estados Unidos tiene un presidente nuevo. Nuestra red seguirá siendo una fuerza propulsora para responsabilizar a los poderes oficiales frente a los pueblos originarios de estas tierras y territorios. En toda la Isla Tortuga, los pueblos indígenas se están levantando para defender nuestros derechos soberanos inherentes, defender nuestros territorios y proteger a las generaciones futuras. Por la salud y el respeto de la sagrada Madre Tierra y el sagrado Padre Cielo, no flaquearemos, las voces indígenas serán oídas.” -- El personal de la Red Ambiental Indígena (IEN)

Declaración entera


Grassroots Global Justice (GGJ)

“¡Acabamos de ver el poder movilizador de nuestras comunidades! Sabemos que necesitamos transformar esta sociedad para tener auto-determinación para la gente de color, para las comunidades indígenas, negras y migrantes. Va más allá de esta elección, y debemos no sólo derrotar, sino también construir las alternativas que ya existen en todos lados en nuestras comunidades. Estamos viendo las increíbles redes de ayuda mutua y solidaridad a nivel local, nacional e internacional.” -- Kitzia Esteva-Martinez, Organizadore Nacional de Feminismos de la Base

Declaración entera


Alianza por la Justicia Climática (CJA)

Como delcaró Acacia “Caci” Maggard, organizadora con la Coalición Medioambiental Estudiantil de Kentucky, grupo miembro de la Alianza por la Justicia Climática: “no podemos dejar que la política limite nuestra imaginación.” Somos motivades por las lecciones eternas de nuestros antepasados que guían y nutren nuestra resiliencia, recordándonos de nuestra responsabilidad para moldear y sustentar nuestro futuro colectivo. La Alianza por la Justicia Climática está comprometida a avanzar políticas de justicia climática que centran soluciones comunitarias y la organización de la base para crear lo nuevo y luchar contra lo malo.

Declaración entera


Alianza Derecho a la Ciudad 

“¡El pueblo decidió y ganó! Luchamos, organizamos y votamos para protegernos de la tiranía de un régimen fascista. Las organizaciones lideradas por gente negra, indígena y de color nos unificamos para mostrar nuestro poder. Nuestras comunidades no sólo son las más impactadas, sino que nuestra gente es la que está imaginando, creando y consistentemente elevando las claras demandas que nos llevarán a tener las comunidades sanas, seguras y prósperas que todes merecemos. Con millones de inquilinos y sus familias enfrentando una deuda insuperable y desalojos a fin de año, y una nueva administración entrando, sabemos que la organización y el desarrollo de la base, la ayuda mutua y estrategias que unifican al movimiento de justicia en la vivienda con otras fuerzas de primera línea serán vitales para que ganemos.” -- Dawn Philips, Director Ejecutivo

Declaración entera


Tenemos un nuevo presidente. Si bien las condiciones en el campo de la lucha han cambiado, la organización y el liderazgo de las primeras líneas son más importantes que nunca. Es un tiempo para que juntemos nuestras fuerzas, evaluemos el momento y presionemos con las demandas que plantan las semillas para una transición justa y para la liberación de todos nuestros pueblos.

Together we weather the storm / Juntos le hacemos frente a la tormenta

This week we are casting our ballots and showing up to defend the election. We do it not for candidates but for our communities and a deeply democractic future. A number of local races will have an immediate and direct impact to fight climate change, advance housing justice, and build a care economy rooted in values of grassroots feminism and Indigenous sovereignty. Still we know we can’t rely on politicians and policy, so we also show up in direct action and mutual aid to defend our people and the earth. Our struggles are interconnected and we will need to have each other’s backs in this moment of uncertainty.

Watch the following testimonials from members of each of our sister alliances and share them widely to ground ourselves in what we are fighting for in this moment and the long-term solutions we hold as a movement. It takes roots to weather the storm.

Esta semana vamos a emitir nuestros votos y nos haremos presente para defender las elecciones. No lo hacemos por los candidatos, sino por nuestras comunidades y un futuro profundamente democrático. Varias elecciones locales tendrán un impacto inmediato y directo para luchar contra el cambio climático, promover la justicia de la vivienda y construir una economía del cuidado arraigada en los valores del feminismo de base y la soberanía indígena. Aún así, sabemos que no podemos confiar en los políticos y sus políticas, por lo que también nos hacemos presente en acción directa y ayuda mutua para defender a nuestra gente y la tierra. Nuestras luchas están interconectadas y tendremos que respaldarnos mutuamente en este momento de incertidumbre.

Ve los siguientes testimonios de los miembros de cada una de nuestras alianzas hermanas y compártelos ampliamente para mantenernos anclados en lo que estamos luchando en este momento y en las soluciones a largo plazo que tenemos como movimiento. Se necesitan raíces para hacerle frente a la tormenta.

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Coya Crispin Community Alliance of Tenants / Alianza Comunitaria de Inquilinos Right to the City Alliance / Alianza Derecho a la Ciudad

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“Everyone deserves safe, healthy and stable housing. We need social housing that is guaranteed.”

“Todos merecen una vivienda segura, saludable y estable. Necesitamos vivienda social que esté garantizada.”


Doria Robinson Urban Tilth Climate Justice Alliance / La Alianza por la Justicia Climática

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“Growing food, fighting against climate ignorance, we understand that all of these things, our health, the health of the air, the health of the soil, the health of the land, are connected.”

“Al cultivar alimentos y luchar contra la ignorancia climática, entendemos que todas estas cosas-- nuestra salud, la salud del aire, la salud del suelo y la salud de la tierra-- están conectadas.”


John Vasquez Communities United for Restorative Youth Justice / Comunidades Unidas por la Justicia Juvenil Restaurativa Grassroots Global Justice / La Alianza Popular por la Justicia Global

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“We dare to abolish the carceral system, and dream beyond bars to close youth prisons and build youth leaders.”

“Nos atrevemos a abolir el sistema carcelario y soñamos más allá de las rejas para cerrar las cárceles juveniles y formar líderes juveniles.”


Julia Bernal Pueblo Action Alliance Indigenous Environmental Network / La Red Ambiental Indígena

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“Indigenous knowledge and perspective, those are the solutions to mitigate climate change and achieve climate balance.”

“El conocimiento y perspectiva indígena son las soluciones para mitigar el cambio climático y lograr el equilibrio climático.”

Primer on Indigenous Sovereignty

Today is Indigenous People's Day in the U.S. There is no climate justice without Indigenous sovereignty. There is no housing justice when Native people are dispossessed from their lands. The struggle of Native Nations to survive, thrive, and have self-determination is core to our work to visualize a better future. All of us must redirect our minds away from the capitalistic systems that harm our Grandmother Earth, our Father Sky, and our communities.

Check out this vital political education session from earlier this month with our United Frontline Table, led by Indigenous Environmental Network on Indigenous Sovereignty.

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This call came from our work together as the United Frontline Table and the Indigenous Sovereignty plank is the first plank in our toolkit: A People’s Orientation to a Regenerative Economy.

Hoy es el día de los pueblos indígenas en los EE. UU. No hay justicia climática sin la soberanía indígena. No hay justicia de vivienda cuando los pueblos nativos son despojados de sus tierras. La lucha de las naciones nativas para sobrevivir, prosperar y conseguir la autodeterminación es central para nuestro trabajo en pos de un futuro mejor. Todxs debemos dejar atrás nuestras formas de pensar en los sistemas capitalistas que dañan a nuestra Abuela Tierra, nuestro Padre Cielo y nuestras comunidades.

Mira esto una sesión importante de educación política dirigida por la Red Indígena Ambiental sobre la Soberanía Indígena como parte de la llamada de todxs miembrxs de la Mesa Unida de Comunidades de la Primera Línea.

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Esta llamada es fruto de nuestro trabajo conjunto en la Mesa Unida de Comunidades de la Primera Línea y la plataforma sobre la soberanía indígena es la primera en nuestro juego de herramientas llamado La Orientación del Pueblo para una Economía Regenerativa.

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A People’s Orientation to a Regenerative Economy: Protect, Repair, Invest, and Transform

We invite you to bring this orientation into your work and your lives. This tool is for anyone who wants to create life-affirming and transformative policy changes.

It articulates the necessary questions to ask and steps to take– in 14 policy planks and 80+ policy ideas - to achieve a world that values and sustains our lives and relationships.

Over the next six months, IEN, along with other United Frontline Table members, will engage in organizing work around the 14 policy planks. The planks will also be featured on our social media platforms and websites. With your help amplifying these planks, we can build momentum together for vetted policy priorities we demand from decision makers, our community members, and each other.

Justice for Indigenous nations and communities, one of 14 planks in the tool, must be a central policy priority in any regenerative economy in this country. This tool lays out how to begin with a series of concrete recommendations for lawmakers that can be advanced right away:

  • Strengthen and Protect the Inherent Rights and Sovereignty of Indigenous Peoples.
  • Strengthen U.S. policies of consultation with Indigenous nations with a more rigorous standard of obtaining the Free, Prior, and Informed Consent of Indigenous nations for all decisions that affect Indigenous peoples and their traditional lands and territories.
  • Demand the US government initiate an independent review and determination of all effects of its broken treaties and other agreements with Indigenous nations.
  • The US government fulfills its trust responsibilities and duties to Indigenous nations and its peoples to invest in economic Just Transition.
  • Improve and Expand Healthcare Systems and Housing for All Indigenous nations, including urban Indigenous communities.
  • Eliminate Subsidies and Tax Breaks to the Fossil Fuel Industry.
  • Divest from Extraction & Invest in Indigenous nations and community.

You and your communities are welcome to join the Regenerative Economy. The Protect, Repair, Invest and Transform framework puts us on a trajectory toward collective justice, rooted in a living Regenerative Economy that is intersectional—anti-racist and feminist.

Please circulate widely. Over the fall and winter, our policy and organizing teams will continue to outreach and invite our allies.

In defense of our rights as Indigenous peoples, we must and will continue to fight for racial and social justice. The building of a just and safe society cannot be achieved without centering the most oppressed. We must continue to fight for an economic system that doesn’t fail us and Mother Earth.

Consistent with the Indigenous prophecies, a reawakening to our true human nature is sweeping through both Indigenous and non-Indigenous societies. For millennia, the wisdom keepers of our many Indigenous nations kept alive the deep wisdom of our Indigenous knowledge, passed down by our understanding of the Original Instructions, from generation to generation.

I urge all of you, all humanity, to join with us in transforming the economic and social structures, institutions and power relations that underpin conditions of oppression and exploitation.


Tom BK Goldtooth

Executive Director

Indigenous Environmental Network



Una orientación del pueblo hacia una economía regenerativa: proteger, reparar, invertir y transformar

Les invitamos que traigan esta orientación a sus trabajos y a sus vidas. Esta herramienta es para cualquiera que desee crear cambios políticos transformadores que afirman la vida.

Expresa las preguntas que hace falta formular y los pasos a tomar – en 14 plataformas políticas y 80+ ideas legislativas – para lograr un mundo que valora y sustenta nuestras vidas y relaciones.

Durante los próximos seis meses, IEN, junto con otros miembros de la Mesa de Primera Línea Unida, participará de trabajo organizativo relacionado con las 14 plataformas políticas. Las plataformas también serán destacadas en nuestras cuentas de medios sociales y páginas web. Con su ayuda para amplificar estas plataformas, juntes podemos crear un impulso para las prioridades políticas aprobadas que exigimos de nuestros funcionarios públicos, nuestros miembros comunitarios y les unes de les otres.

Justicia para las naciones y comunidades indígenas, una de las 14 plataformas en la herramienta, debe ser una prioridad política central en cualquier economía regenerativa de este país. Esta herramienta establece cómo empezar con una serie de recomendaciones concretas para legisladores que pueden ser avanzadas inmediatamente:

  • Fortalecer y proteger los derechos y la soberanía inherentes de los pueblos indígenas.
  • Fortalecer las políticas estadounidenses de consulta con naciones indígenas con un estándar más riguroso para obtener el consentimiento libre, previo e informado de las naciones indígenas para toda decisión que afecte a los pueblos indígenas y sus tierras y territorios tradicionales.
  • Exigir que el gobierno estadounidense inicie una evaluación y determinación independiente de todos los efectos de sus tratados quebrados y otros acuerdos con naciones indígenas.
  • El gobierno estadounidense cumple con sus responsabilidades y deberes hacia las naciones indígenas y sus pueblos para invertir en una transición económica justa.
  • Mejorar y expandir los sistemas de cuidado de la salud y vivienda para todas las naciones indígenas, incluyendo las comunidades indígenas urbanas.
  • Eliminar los subsidios y las exenciones fiscales para la industria de combustibles fósiles.
  • Quitarle fondos a la extracción e invertir en naciones y comunidades indígenas.

Les invitamos a ustedes y a sus comunidades a que se unan a la economía regenerativa. El marco de proteger, reparar, invertir y transformar nos pone en una trayectoria hacia la justicia colectiva, arraigada en una economía regenerativa que es interseccional – anti-racista y feminista.

Por favor circular ampliamente. Durante el año pasado, nuestros equipos de políticas y organización seguirán haciendo alcance e invitando a nuestros aliados.

En defensa de nuestros derechos como pueblos indígenas, debemos luchar y seguiremos luchando por la justicia racial y social. La creación de una sociedad justa y segura no puede ser lograda sin centrar a los más oprimidos. Debemos seguir luchando por un sistema económico que no nos traiciona a nosotros ni a nuestra Madre Tierra.

Consistente con las profecías indígenas, un nuevo despertar a nuestra verdadera naturaleza humana se está propagando por sociedades indígenas así como no indígenas. Durante milenios, los guardianes de las sabidurías de muchas de nuestras naciones indígenas mantuvieron viva la profunda sabiduría de nuestros conocimientos indígenas, legados por nuestro entendimiento de las instrucciones originales, de generación en generación.

Les urjo a todos ustedes, a toda la humanidad, que se nos unan en transformar las estructuras económicas y sociales, las instituciones y relaciones de poder que forman la base de las condiciones de opresión y explotación.


Tom BK Goldtooth

Director Ejecutivo

Indigenous Environmental Network / Red Ambiental Indígena

Join us on the Freedom Side

We stand with you on the edge of a new world. The political conditions that we currently live under have created the opportunity for both political upheavals but also resistance and resilience.

Hurricanes and wildfires have ravaged our country at the height of the pandemic. COVID continues to harm our communities, as we struggle with joblessness, eviction or foreclosure, losing loved ones, and the breakdown of public services. Police terror, militarism, and threats to our already fragile democracy are staring us in the face. At every turn, our communities are seeking moments of ease from the constant exhaustion and confusion.

Yet here we are, a community committed to justice, resisting in small and collective ways while finding joy along the way. Whether that means you have been out in the streets protesting, defending the land against polluters, hosting conversations with family, or preparing to defend our elections, we are honored to be on the right side of history with you — The Freedom Side.

It is in this tradition, as a member of the Rising Majority, It Takes Roots invites you to a two-day live-streamed event on October 17th and 18th called The Freedom Side: The Peoples Tribunal and Congress.

The Freedom Side: The Peoples Tribunal and Congress
11AM PT / 1PM CT / 2PM ET on October 17th & 18th
RSVP here

Tribunals are moments of truth-telling and moments of moral reckoning. The Rising Majority tribunal comes at a time of critical crisis in this country's history. In the tradition of international tribunals against state terror — we, the people, will hold corrupt government officials, greedy corporations, and actors of white supremacist and patriarchal violence accountable for the terror our communities face.

Joined by esteemed jurors Angela Y. Davis, Alfred Woodfox, Raquel Willis, Oscar Lopez Rivera, Tom Goldtooth, Arundhati Roy, as well as others, we will hear testimonies from communities across the country on issues ranging from climate to education. We will learn more about what creates the conditions we face and discuss key ways that we as democracy defenders can engage in the fight for a just world.

The people’s congress, the second day of the event, is an opportunity to build our collective vision for a just world and learn and share skills that will help us get there. Tune in as we learn about The Breathe Act, The Green New Deal, and other visionary platforms we can win right now. Join us as we lean into our most radical freedom dreams and flex our collective muscle of action.

We invite you to bring your stories, your families, and your visions for a just world. A new world is possible — and it is up to us to decide together.

Please RSVP here and text FREEDOMSIDE to 90975 to get updates. See you on the freedom side!

Funder briefing on the People's Orientation

Listen to leaders from the United Frontline Table, a 16-member frontline-led formation working toward regenerative economic policy, as they share their policy framework: A People’s Orientation to a Regenerative Economy: Protect, Repair, Invest, & Transform, which holds eighty cross-movement and intersectoral policy stances and priorities to advance a new economy based in racial justice, equity, jobs, health, and safety for all people; an economy that functions in balance with Mother Earth’s offerings, and with reciprocity, dignity, and respect for nature.

A People’s Orientation to a Regenerative Economy: Protect, Repair, Invest, & Transform from Climate Justice Alliance on Vimeo.

Speakers include Malcolm Torrejón Chu of Right to the City Alliance, Miya Yoshitani of Asian Pacific Environmental Network, Jaron Browne of Grassroots Global Justice, Ben Ishibashi of People's Action, Anthony Rogers-Wright of Climate Justice Alliance, Colette Pichon Battle of Gulf Coast Center for Law and Policy, Michael Leon Guerrero of Labor Network for Sustainability, Bineshi Albert of Indigenous Environmental Network, and Angie Chen of the Libra Foundation.

The United Frontline Table is comprised of: Asian Pacific Environmental Network, Center for Economic Democracy, Climate Justice Alliance, Dēmos, Grassroots Global Justice Alliance, Gulf Coast Center for Law & Policy, Indigenous Environmental Network, It Takes Roots, Kentuckians for the Commonwealth, Labor Network for Sustainability, New Economy Coalition, People’s Action, Right to the City Alliance, The Rising Majority, Trade Unions for Energy Democracy, and UPROSE.

People's Orientation to a Regenerative Economy

People's Orientation to a Regenerative Economy

The People’s Orientation to a Regenerative Economy is our toolkit for a Green New Deal centered in racial and economic justice, with over 80 policy ideas and solutions presented as fourteen planks for a Regenerative Economy. These planks are grouped into four overarching stances: Protect, Repair, Invest, and Transform. A Green New Deal requires all four, together. We must protect and repair communities and workers from the historic and present violence and tolls of an extractive economy. We must invest in resilient and sustainable infrastructure and systems that center the rights and expertise of Asian and Pacific Islander, Black, Brown, Indigenous, poor, and marginalized people. And we must transform the interdependent relationships that connect our governance system, people, communities, workers, and the Earth.

The intersecting crises of income and wealth inequality and climate change, driven by systemic white supremacy and gender inequality, has exposed the frailty of the U.S. economy and democracy. This document was prepared during the COVID-19 pandemic which exacerbated these existing crises and underlying conditions. Democratic processes have been undermined at the expense of people’s jobs, health, safety, and dignity. Moreover, government support has disproportionately expanded and boosted the private sector through policies, including bailouts, that serve an extractive economy and not the public’s interest. Our elected leaders have chosen not to invest in deep, anti-racist democratic processes. They have chosen not to uphold public values, such as fairness and equity, not to protect human rights and the vital life cycles of nature and ecosystems. Rather, our elected leaders have chosen extraction and corporate control at the expense of the majority of the people and the well-being and rights of Mother Earth. Transforming our economy is not just about swapping out elected leaders. We also need a shift in popular consciousness.

First, it includes a series of questions that must be well thought out before policy development begins; second, a framework to protect, repair, invest and transform economies so no one is left behind; and finally, eighty policy ideas broken into fourteen planks that lead to a truly transformative, regenerative economy that has been proven to work for frontline communities and workers.

Communities around the country will use this tool to better inform lawmakers, at all levels of government, and ensure the people are leading the development and implementation  of policy in a way that centers frontline needs from the onset.

Policymakers can also utilize it now, and as they are elected in the coming year, to ensure that as we recover and rebuild, we also reimagine and reshape our economy, and do so in sustainable ways that will not reproduce historical harm or enable future social, climate, environmental, or health crises.

A People’s Orientation to a Regenerative Economy offers community groups, policy advocates, and policymakers a pathway to solutions that work for frontline communities and workers. These ideas have been collectively strategized by community organizations and leaders from across multiple frontline and grassroots networks and alliances to ensure that regenerative economic solutions and ecological justice—under a framework that challenges capitalism and both white supremacy and hetero-patriarchy—are core to any and all policies. These policies must be enacted, not only at the federal level, but also at the local, state, tribal, and regional levels, in US Territories, and internationally.





About – People’s Orientation to a Regenerative Economy

The Frontlines Are Taking the Lead

Frontline organizations and networks have been working to advance a Just Transition and equitable solutions to the interlinked crises of economy, climate, and democracy for years, calling for the end of an extractive economy that lays waste to people and the planet. Over the years, we have built relationships and solutions across local communities from California to Mississippi, New York to Puerto Rico, Illinois to Massachusetts, Kentucky to the Gulf Coast, and with a myriad of Indigenous communities from Alaska to the Lower 48. Long advocating for climate justice through a Just Transition, the emerging Green New Deal (GND) has created an opportunity to deepen this work. And while a GND has been characterized as the required scale to address the climate crisis, the need to define what it means to people presents a set of challenges.

From national efforts like the New Economy Coalition’s Pathways to a People’s Economy, to regional efforts like Gulf South for a Green New Deal, to the local frontline-led efforts of PUSH Buffalo and Our Power Richmond, community leaders have been organizing, educating, and working collaboratively to take concrete actions to make the concept of a GND real on the ground. This work has expanded over the last year, across frontline networks, geographies, and silos. In the Summer of 2019, Climate Justice Alliance, It Takes Roots, People’s Action, and East Michigan Environmental Action Council gathered 64 frontline and allied organizations consisting of 80 leaders to participate in the Frontline Green New Deal + Climate and Regenerative Economy Summit in Detroit. At this summit, we identified green lines (what we want), yellow lines (what we’re still questioning), and red lines (what we say no to) for GND policies, from development through implementation. This was a tool that was originally shared by People’s Action to workshop in Detroit that we re-adapted during the COVID Pandemic into the Peoples Orientation for a Regenerative Economy designed to develop policy and organize to Protect, Repair, Invest, and Transform our communities and the economy.


The United Frontline Table (UFT) is comprised of the following networks, alliances, coalitions, and their members, with the cooperation of movement support organizations: Asian Pacific Environmental Network, Center for Economic Democracy, Climate Justice Alliance, Dēmos​, Grassroots Global Justice Alliance, Gulf Coast Center for Law and Policy, Indigenous Environmental Network, It Takes Roots, Kentuckians for the Commonwealth, Labor Network for Sustainability, New Economy Coalition, People’s Action, Right to the City Alliance, The Rising Majority, Trade Unions for Energy Democracy, and UPROSE. This is a subsector of groups that were present at the Detroit Frontline GND Meeting. The Frontline Table has plans and criteria for expansion in Fall of 2020.

A People’s Orientation to a Regenerative Economy is created in partnership with the Just Community Energy Transition Project.

Climate, Racial, & Economic Justice Groups Launch United Frontline Table

Today, a group of sixteen frontline and climate justice organizations from across the U.S. announced the creation of the United Frontline Table, a network comprised of alliances, coalitions, community organizations and their member organizations, that have come together to advance a new economy, based in racial justice, gender equity, jobs, health, and safety for all people;  an economy that functions in balance with Mother Earth’s offerings, and with reciprocity, dignity and respect for nature.

At the same time, and in alignment and solidarity with the Movement for Black Lives and the Rising Majority, the United Frontline Table released a tool for policymakers and community organizations, which clearly prioritizes Justice for Black Communities, known as A People’s Orientation to a Regenerative Economy.

“This dynamic tool, which began design last summer when 64 frontline groups joined us in Detroit for the Frontline Green New Deal, Climate and Regenerative Economic Policy Summit, is a critical tool that is uniquely positioned to contribute to justice for black communities, even amid this historic pandemic.” -Darryl Jordan, East Michigan Environmental Action Council

The tool lays out three steps that can be taken right away to make a down payment on a more just, equitable and frontline centered economy, or a regenerative economy, from the local level up. “Pursuing a Regenerative Economy requires a society committed to anti-racism, and a transformation in how we view and value the lives of Black people.”- A People’s Orientation to a Regenerative Economy

First, it includes a series of questions that must be well thought out before policy development begins; second, a framework to protect, repair, invest and transform economies so no one is left behind; and finally, eighty policy ideas broken into fourteen planks that lead to a truly transformative, regenerative economy that has been proven to work for frontline communities and workers.

Justice for black communities, one of 14 planks in the tool, is a central policy priority in any regenerative economy. This tool lays out how to begin with a series of concrete recommendations for lawmakers that can be advanced right away:

  • End Mass Incarceration & Capital Punishment
  • Make Reparations
  • Reinstatement of Voting Rights
  • Equitable Access to Housing, Jobs, Healthcare & Education
  • Invest in Community-Governed Infrastructure
  • Build Community Governance & Oversight Over Local Institutions & Economies
  • Divest from Extraction & Invest in Our People starting with Defunding & Demilitarizing Police

Communities around the country will use this tool to better inform lawmakers, at all levels of government, and ensure the people are leading the development and implementation  of policy in a way that centers frontline needs from the onset.

Policymakers can also utilize it now, and as they are elected in the coming year, to ensure that as we recover and rebuild, we also reimagine and reshape our economy, and do so in sustainable ways that will not reproduce historical harm or enable future social, climate, environmental, or health crises.

Over the next few weeks, the United Frontline Table will spotlight one policy plank per week during what is being coined 14 Weeks of Regeneration.


The United Frontline Table (UFT) is comprised of the following networks, alliances, coalitions, and their members, with the cooperation of movement support organizations: Asian Pacific Environmental Network, Center for Economic Democracy, Climate Justice Alliance, Dēmos, Grassroots Global Justice Alliance, Gulf Coast Center for Law & Policy, Indigenous Environmental Network, It Takes Roots, Kentuckians for the Commonwealth, Labor Network for Sustainability, New Economy Coalition, People’s Action, Right to the City Alliance, The Rising Majority, Trade Unions for Energy Democracy, and UPROSE

Cassia Herron, Chairperson, Kentuckians for the Commonwealth 

The framing of this report reflects the kind of world we want to live in. It is amazing that even in this moment, people on the frontlines are still leading with vision. It is critically important that people whose blood, sweat, and tears built this nation continue shaping and leading it. To implement this plan, we need a leader-full approach to co-governance, consistent with the inclusive process that went into creating it."


Indigenous Environmental Network,Tom Goldtooth, Executive Director 

“Indigenous Environmental Network remains firm in our commitment to cultivating communities of care and compassion and the release of these policies speak to that. We look forward to working with our communities to ensure these policies move forward and are enacted.”


Emma Lockridge, People’s Action, Environmental Justice Organizer at Michigan United 

The United Frontline Table provides a strategic blueprint that can be utilized to end the systemic oppression that plagues the so-called “marginalized” people in our country.

Centuries of government sanctioned racism has trapped Black people in a spiral of unfulfilled dreams. This year, in 2020, a clear cut vision has been developed to allow people, no matter the color, gender or background, to thrive in a just world that values everyone’s humanity. As we say at Michigan United, it’s time for us to know justice, know peace.”


Grassroots Global Justice Alliance, Rose Brewer, Activist Scholar with Afro-Eco, Minneapolis

“From the white settler colonialism that initiated the state of Minnesota with the genocidal removal of Indigenous peoples to the current period structured in the legacies and ongoing practices of white supremacism, anti-blackness, economic exploitation and extractivism, policing is foundationally central to the logic of racial capitalism. State violence is woven into the very fiber of social control levelled against Black communities/Black bodies in Minneapolis. The George Floyd uprising powerfully expresses that more police are not the answer to the deep structural issues of economic dispossession, racism and state violence. The tip of the spear are the young Black working class and poor who rose up with the clarion call that Black Lives Matter.  This call reaches into the very interstices of US society – and the globe. We must recognize and protect our humanity and that of mother earth. We are germinating the seeds of a new society, rooted in a deep vision and practice of a regenerative feminist economy.”


Rodney McKenzie, Jr. , Executive Vice President, Movement Strategies, Dēmos

““To create fundamental and enduring change for Black communities, transformative times need transformative ideas. The Protect, Repair, Invest, & Transform Framework for a Regenerative Economy is a brilliant storehouse and toolkit for young Black leaders fighting on the ground to shut it down, liberate Black communities, and rebuild the whole system in truth and power for people and planet. The United Frontline Table of the Climate Justice Alliance should be commended for the hard, indispensable work and clear vision of its grassroots members, which is captured and shared in this Framework. Demos stands today and every day with such leadership in these transformational times.” 


Alternatives for Community & Environment, Dwaign Tyndal, Executive Director 

“The Black experience in the United States, since the nation’s inception, has always been rooted in struggle, despair, and trauma. But it’s also rooted in celebration and inexorable contributions through scholarship, arts, organizing, and solutions to the culture of a nation that has dehumanized us for centuries. Today we continue that tradition with the release of the People’s Orientation to a Regenerative Economy, which stipulates that Justice for Black Communities is a prerequisite for any tool to be effective. We’ve known for decades that racial justice and climate justice are not mutually exclusive, they are symbiotic. And with this new tool, we have given the world a blueprint that builds off the wisdom the founders of the climate justice movement have left for us to adapt to the extraordinary and epochal moment we find ourselves in as Black people and collectively.” – Dwaign Tyndal 


Lisa Owens, Executive Director City Life / Vida Urbana, member of Right to the City Alliance

"The mass uprisings taking place across the US and internationally in defense of Black lives is a snapshot of what it looks like when people stand in our power and dignity and rise up against oppressive systems.  African Americans and African descendant peoples, Indigenous peoples, people of color, immigrants, and working class people are demanding bold, dramatic change now. This historical moment requires that all justice seeking people answer this charge by putting forward a vision for the structural transformation that our communities need.  A People's Orientation to a Regenerative Economy represents a step forward in articulating a vision of a new economy that is life giving, sustainable, and built on the values of many social justice, liberation, and sovereignty movements. "

Support Defense of Black Lives / Apoya la defensa de las vidas negras

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Our hearts are heavy, filled with sorrow and rage at the continued loss of Black life at the hands of the police and vigilantes. We grieve and demand justice for Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade, Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd and all the other Black lives stolen because of the systemic injustice of police violence, racism and the terror of white supremacy. It Takes Roots, as an alliance of organizations led by Black, grassroots Indigenous peoples, people of color frontline workers, women, migrant, and gender nonconforming people, stands in solidarity with the rebellions in Minneapolis/St. Paul and across the country and world demanding justice for Black lives.

In this moment where Black communities are disproportionately hit by the Covid19 pandemic, they continue to be disproportionately the victims of state sanctioned violence. Instead of effective state resources going to protect life in Black, Brown and Indigenous communities, the police and carceral state is well-resourced to oppress and kill our people. Officers wear paramilitary gear but doctors in hospitals struggle to have basic personal protective equipment. We have a president who regularly encourages state and vigilante violence, and most recently echoed a threat from Miami police chief in 1967, “when the looting starts, the shooting starts,” and has urged the deployment of the “unlimited power of our military” in response to protests across the country. In Frontline communities across the country, there are police departments practicing a culture of racism, oppression and violence that do not protect us. Especially in a pandemic, now is the time to divest from these police departments and invest in our communities needs instead.

Property is not more important than life. We support the uprising of people who have been ignored by the state and those in power after years of nonviolent protests in response to police murders. A number of people-of-color owned businesses in Minneapolis and beyond are showing solidarity with the protestors and demands for justice. The false binary of “good protestor” and “bad protestor” is an attempt to divide our movements and sow the seeds of mistrust. We must do all we can to build relationships in the streets and across the country to support one another and understand that a diversity of tactics is needed to challenge white supremacy. Self-defense is a human right.

Along with other frontline allies, we have been planning the release of an organizing tool “A People's Orientation to a Regenerative Economy,” in which we explicitly call for the Protection, Repair, Investment, and Transformation of Black Communities as a plank to restore relationship and ecological balance. Stay tuned for the release on June 10th. ITR continues on that trajectory explicitly supporting M4BL week of actions to #DefundPolice and #DefendBlackLives.

We know that we are here because the current system of exploitation, white supremacist capitalist patriarchy, is designed to oppress our people. While we mobilize to defend Black life, we do so to organize for a future anti-racist regenerative economy by the people and in recognition of the sacredness of Mother Earth. We stand together for a future where Black Lives Matter is a true reality, where we’ve fought for and designed a system where the lives of all beings on this Earth are honored and supported to reach their full potential.

It Takes Roots demands an end to police violence and all institutions that are built on the subjugation, control and dehumanization of Black people. As we seek a Just Transition to a regenerative, anti-racist, feminist economy, we must eliminate the mainstays of an extractive economy embedded in racialized capitalism. It Takes Roots unites with the call for action and demands of The Movement for Black Lives. Join us in lifting these up and broadcasting the actions in defense of Black lives.


“As Indigenous peoples we defend the lives of our Black and Afro Indigenous Relatives. With love in our hearts for Black Lives, we will continue to speak up and show up until Black Liberation on Turtle Island is achieved. For far too long we have allowed our shared oppressors that serve white supremacy to try and divide us. Enough is enough. M8atahk8nâhsak Ukeetyâôkanuwôash m8hchee wut8ânutamunash ‘Black skinned peoples lives must be respected/regarded’”

Eva Blake, Indigenous Environmental Network member


“...We stand in solidarity with people across the country who are mobilizing and taking to the streets, for we understand that these acts are not just a demonstration of grief, but also examples of living our individual and collective power. We see this as a time to intervene in the cycle of murder->protest -> repression -> oppression -> murder through organized and deliberate actions and demands to #defundpolice and #defendblacklife based on climate justice, land reclamation and food sovereignty and transform our reality. We want to offer mature leadership grounded in long term politics to guide and creatively build our collective future while supporting our youth and frontline communities who are face-to-face with state violence in the present.”
- Climate Justice Alliance Black Caucus Co-Chairs


“The police murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis and the subsequent uprising is a sign of the continuing escalation of violence against Black and Brown communities during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Police violence in Minneapolis has been especially acute over the years so it was predictable that something like this would happen resulting in this militant response.

While the suffering from the horrors of the virus in terms of deaths, illness, unemployment and dangerous work suffocate us the police state apparatus has not lightened up but tightened up. The outrage cannot be contained and is spreading across the country. The fight to end police murders is now joined with the fight for safe jobs and universal health care. The immediate task is justice for George Floyd which means indictments for all of the four assassins.”

- Ajamu Dillahunt, Black Workers for Justice and Grassroots Global Justice Alliance


"We are murdered, evicted, incarcerated, and sickened by agents of oppression with various names: officer, judge, CEO, or president. They are all parts of two larger pieces--white supremacy and racial capitalism--of the same machine. This machine was built by our looted ancestors, continues to be oiled by prison workers in factories making license plates and bomb parts, and kept humming during a pandemic by Black and Brown essential workers behind the grills and registers. Now more than ever, the display of unity and love for Black lives happening around the world is urgently needed for all of our survival. We proudly stand in solidarity with millions of people rising up demanding justice."

- City Life/Vida Urbana community, Right to the City Alliance member

Join the call from M4BL in Defense of Black lives

The Movement For Black Lives, and organizers mobilizing across the country, invite you to rise up with us and say no more! This is an opportunity to uplift and fight alongside those turning up in the streets and on the airwaves. Mobilize in solidarity with activists and organizers across the country and world saying enough is enough. Change your social media profile pictures to the image below this week to show that you are committed to being in defense of Black lives.

#DefundPolice #DefendBlackLife

Tag @Mvmnt4BlkLives @ItTakesRoots on social media during your actions.

Go to for more resources.


Apoya la defensa de las vidas negras: Semana Nacional de Acción

Nuestros corazones están cargados de dolor y rabia ante la continua pérdida de vidas negras a manos de la policía y los vigilantes.  Estamos de luto y exigimos justicia para Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade, Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd y todas las otras vidas negras que han sido robadas por la injusticia sistémica de la violencia policiaca, el racismo y el terror de la supremacía blanca. It Takes Roots, como una alianza de organizaciones dirigidas por negros, indígenas de base, trabajadores de color de primera línea, mujeres, inmigrantes y personas de género no conforme, se une en solidaridad con las insurrecciones en Minneapolis/St. Paul y a través de todo el país exigiendo justicia por las vidas negras.

En este momento en que las comunidades negras están siendo atacadas desproporcionadamente por la pandemia del Covid19, continúan siendo víctimas desproporcionadamente de violencia sancionada por el estado.  En vez de recursos estatales efectivos para proteger las vidas en las comunidades negras, marrones e indígenas, la policía y el estado carcelario tienen buenos recursos para oprimir y matar a nuestra gente. Los oficiales usan equipo paramilitar, pero los doctores en los hospitales luchan por tener equipo protectivo personal básico.  Tenemos un presidente que regularmente incita a la violencia estatal y de vigilantes y recientemente hizo eco de una amenaza de un jefe de la policía de Miami del 1967, “cuando comiencen los saqueos, comienzan los disparos,” y ha exhortado a que se despliegue el “poder ilimitado de nuestra milicia”  como respuesta a las protestas a través del país. En comunidades de primera línea por todo el país, hay departamentos de la policía practicando una cultura de racismo, opresión y violencia que no nos protege. Especialmente en una pandemia, ahora es el momento de desligarnos de estos departamentos de la policía e invertir en vez en las necesidades de las comunidades.

La propiedad no es más importante que la vida.  Apoyamos el levantamiento de las personas que han sido ignoradas por el estado y por aquéllos en poder después de años de protestas no violentas en respuesta a los asesinatos por la policía. Un número de negocios de personas de color en Minneapolis y más allá están mostrando solidaridad con los manifestantes y clamando por la justicia.  La binaria falsa del “ manifestante bueno” y el “manifestante malo” es un intento de dividir nuestros movimientos y sembrar la semilla de la desconfianza.  Tenemos que hacer todo lo que esté a nuestro alcance para crear relaciones en las calles y alrededor del país para apoyarnos unos a otros y entender que la diversidad de tácticas es necesaria para desafiar la supremacía blanca.  La defensa propia es un derecho humano.

Junto a otros aliados de primera línea hemos estado planificando el lanzamiento de la herramienta organizativa “A People's Orientation to a Regenerative Economy” (Una orientación popular para una economía regenerativa), donde explícitamente hacemos un llamado para la Protección, la Reparación, la Inversión y la Transformación de las comunidades negras como una plataforma para restaurar las relaciones y el balance ecológico. Mantente sintonizado para el lanzamiento el 10 de junio. ITR continúa en esa trayectoria explícitamente apoyando la semana de acción de  M4BL para desinvertir en la policía y defender las vidas negras #defundpolice #defendblacklives.

Sabemos que estás aquí porque el sistema actual de explotación, el patriarcado de la supremacía blanca, está diseñado para oprimir a nuestra gente.  Mientras que nos movilizamos para defender las vidas negras, lo hacemos para organizarnos por una economía futura regenerativa y antiracista dirigida por la gente y en reconocimiento de la Madre Tierra. Nos ponemos juntos de pie por un futuro donde Las Vidas Negras de verdad importen, donde habremos luchado por y diseñado un sistema donde las vidas de todos los seres vivientes en la tierra sean honradas y apoyadas para que alcancen su máximo potencial.

It Takes Roots exige un fin a la violencia policiaca y a todas las instituciones construidas en la subyugación, el control y la deshumanización de la gente negra.  Mientras buscamos una transición justa hacia una economía regenerativa, antirracial y feminista, debemos eliminar los pilares de una economía extractiva integrada en un capitalismo racializado. It Takes Roots se une al llamado a la acción y a las reclamaciones del Movimiento por las Vidas Negras.  Únete a nosotros en elevar éstas y transmitir las acciones en defensa de las vidas negras.


“Los Pueblos Indígenas defendemos las vidas de nuestrxs parientes negrxs y afroindígenas. Con amor en nuestros corazones por las vidas negras, seguiremos hablando en voz alta y estando presentes hasta que haya sido lograda la liberación negra en toda la Isla Tortuga. Por demasiado tiempo hemos permitido que nuestrxs opresorxs comunes, que le prestan servicio a la supremacía blanca, traten de dividirnos. Basta. M8atahk8nâhsak Ukeetyâôkanuwôash m8hchee wut8ânutamunash (Las personas con tez negra deben ser valoradas/respetadas)”.

- Eva Blake, Indigenous Environmental Network member (miembro de la Red Ambiental Indígena)


“...Nos mantenemos firmes en solidaridad con las personas a lo largo del país que se están movilizando y tomando las calles en estos momentos, pues entendemos que estos actos no son solamente una demostración de dolor, sino ejemplos de cómo vivir nuestro poder individual y colectivo. Vemos esto como un tiempo para intervenir en el ciclo de asesinato-> protesta-> represión -> opresión -> asesinato, a través de acciones organizadas y deliberadas y demandas para desinvertir en la policía #defundpolice y defender las vidas negras #defendblacklife, en base a la justicia climática, el reclamo de tierras y la soberanía alimentaria y la transformación de nuestra realidad. Queremos ofrecer un liderazgo maduro enraizado en las políticas a largo plazo para guiar y construir creativamente nuestro futuro colectivo, al mismo tiempo que apoyamos a nuestros jóvenes y a las comunidades en las primeras líneas que están enfrentando la violencia estatal en el presente”.
- Climate Justice Alliance Black Caucus Co-Chairs (Cónclave Negro de la Alianza para la Justicia Climática)


“El asesinato policiaco de George Floyd en Minneapolis y el alzamiento subsecuente es una señal del escalamiento continuo de la violencia en contra de las comunidades negras y de color durante la pandemia de la COVID-19. La violencia policiaca en Minneapolis ha sido especialmente aguda a lo largo de los años, por lo que era predecible que algo como esto pasara y que haya resultado en esta respuesta militante.

Si bien el sufrimiento por los horrores del virus en cuanto a muertes, enfermedades, desempleo y trabajo peligroso nos está sofocando, el aparato policiaco estatal no se ha aligerado, sino que se ha endurecido. La indignación no puede ser contenida y se está esparciendo por todo el país. La lucha para ponerle fin a los asesinatos cometidos por policías ahora se une a la lucha por los trabajos seguros y el seguro médico universal. La tarea inmediata es la justicia para George Floyd, es decir, que se presenten acusaciones formales para todos los cuatro asesinos”.

- Ajamu Dillahunt, Black Workers for Justice and Grassroots Global Justice Alliance (Trabajadorxs Negrxs por la Justicia y Alianza Popular por la Justicia Global)


"Lxs agentes de la opresión nos asesinan, desalojan, encarcelan y hacen enfermar y ellxs tienen varios nombres: agente, juez, director/a ejecutivo/a o presidente. Ellxs son parte de 2 piezas más grandes de la misma máquina: la supremacía blanca y el capitalismo racial. La máquina fue construida gracias a la destitución de nuestros ancestros y sigue siendo alimentada por lxs trabajadorxs en las prisiones que trabajan fabricando placas para vehículos y partes de bombas; una máquina que sigue zumbando durante la pandemia gracias a lxs trabajadorxs esenciales negrxs y de color que se encuentran detrás de parrillas y cajas registradoras. Ahora más que nunca, la muestra de unidad y amor por las vidas negras que está ocurriendo por todo el mundo es urgentemente necesaria para la supervivencia de todxs. Orgullosamente nos paramos en solidaridad con millones de personas que se están alzando para demandar justicia”.

- City Life/Vida Urbana community, Right to the City Alliance member (miembro de la Alianza por el Derecho a la Ciudad)


Únete al llamado de M4BL en defensa de las vidas negras

El Movimiento por las vidas negras, junto a organizadores movilizándose por todo el país, te invita a levantarte con nosotros y ¡a decir basta!  Ésta es una oportunidad para animarnos y luchar junto a aquéllos que están protestando en las calles y en las emisoras.  Movilízate en solidaridad con los activistas y organizadores de todo el país y el mundo para decir ¡Basta ya! Cambia tu perfil en las redes sociales por la imagen a continuación esta semana para demostrar que estás comprometido en la defensa de las vidas negras.

#DefundPolice #DefendBlackLife

Taguea @Mvmnt4BlkLives @ItTakesRoots en las redes sociales durante tus acciones

Oakland, California car caravan 5/31/2020; caravan de autos en Oakland, CA el 31/05/2020
Miami, Florida march 5/31/2020; marcha el 31/5/2020 en Miami, FL
Bemidji, Minnesota action on 5/31/2020; acción del 32/5/2020 en Bemidji, Minnesota


Join It Takes Roots in Action this May Day

Friday marks May Day, International Workers Day, and It Takes Roots is helping lead a huge coalition of progressive groups calling for a # PeoplesBailout. The COVID-19 pandemic has made it clear once more that only we can keep us safe, and that the extractive economy is not serving our people. It is healthcare workers, farm workers, grocery store workers, warehouse workers, caregivers, and other workers who are essential, not the bosses and bankers who are profiteering off our exploitation.

On May 1, 2020, we invite you to join us in taking action this#MayDay by attending our  Live Stream Rally at at 2:00pm ET or holding an action of your own.

It Takes Roots stands with MayDay strikes and walk-outs that are being organized by workers at Amazon, Instacart, Whole Foods, Walmart, Target, and FedEx. Workers are on the forefront of shaping new economies rooted in fairness, equity and ecological values.

Frontline, community-based organizations have been building localized democracies that champion community rights to energy, land, water, housing, and food sovereignty. Together, we are engaged in the fight for people-centered regenerative economies and healthy, self-sustained communities.


During the rally: share a picture or video of you and your family talking about what you want to see from a #PeoplesBailout. Don't forget to include the hashtag #PeoplesBailout and demand action by tagging your representative and President Trump. Tag It Takes Roots in your posts and we will amplify them on the ITR social media channels.

In this moment, Congress must pass relief and stimulus packages to meet the needs of our communities. People are coming together to demand regular monthly cash payments to all communities (including undocumented immigrants), free testing and treatment for all, safety standards and equipment to protect frontline workers, emergency housing assistance and rent and mortgage cancellation, a moratorium on water and electricity shutoffs, resources for Indian country, funding to address the racial disparities of this crisis, expanded food aid, support for businesses that are actually small, protections for voters and poll workers to safeguard our democracy, and real investment in a bold plan to put millions of people back to work building a healthier, more equitable, more resilient economy.

We must invest in our people, not corporate executives. We must chart a path to an economy that works for all, not a return to the unjust status quo.



The People’s Strike/ #GeneralStrike2020 

People’s Strike: Fighting for Our Lives, Forging Our Future

Take Action Friday May 1st, 2020 – May Day

The CODVID-19 pandemic has starkly revealed the inequalities and injustices that daily plague the world.

The triple crises of viral plague, systemic economic breakdown, and the failure and/or unwillingness of Governments to provide necessary protections, especially for the poor and people subjected to white supremacy, ethnocentrism, xenophobia, and misogyny has thrown us into a fight for our lives.

People’s Strike is a growing coalition of workers, community, and political organizations confronting the COVID-19 pandemic by struggling against inept and corrupt government and the forces of capital (banks, corporations, brokers, etc). that put profit before the people and the planet.

We say ENOUGH! It is time to stand up! It’s Time To Strike Back – For Our Lives and Our Futures!

Join us in initiating this mass action on Friday, May 1st, 2020. We are encouraging everyone throughout the U.S. and the world to join us in engaging #NoWork #NoShopping #NoRent #NoMortgage #NoEviction #NoDebt #NoSchool #NoPrison #NoDetention actions. Let’s send Trump and Wall Street a clear message: #WeWontDieForWallSt #PeopleAndPlanetOverProfits

Read the Principles and Demands

Take Action 

Join the May Day 24 hour Pacifica Radio Broadcast

RISE! For Climate Jobs and Justice March

March with It Takes Roots at the Rise for Climate, Jobs, & Justice March in San Francisco on September 8!

The march will kick off the September 8-14, 2018 Solidarity to Solutions Sol 2 Sol week, which will highlight frontline communities’ solutions that address the interlinked crises of climate, economic, and racial justice.

Through cross-sector, solutionary strategy exchange, local solutions tours, community leadership development, creative actions, and democratic popular assembly, we will provide direction on bold and transformative pathways for change and shift the narrative around false top-down market-driven solutions and techno-fixes.

We will illustrate how the most regenerative solutions to the climate crisis require not only decarbonization, but also strategies to decolonize, detoxify, demilitarize, de-gentrify and democratize our economies and our communities.


When: September 8, 2018

Where: Embarcadero Plaza, Four Embarcadero Plaza, San Francisco, CA 94105

Line Up begins at 10:00 AM

March takes off at 11:00 AM

Join the It Takes Roots contingent on the frontlines led by the communities that are most affected by the climate crises.

We will be meeting at Market and Drum St.

The march will end at Civic Center Plaza, near San Francisco City Hall. There will be music, and dozens of information tables from the organizations that helped make this march possible.