January 19, 2017

Hundreds of Indigenous leaders, veterans, climate and housing activists from across the country join together to stage disruption at Department of Energy and HUD

WHEN:     Friday, January 20
9am at the Department of Energy;
10am at the Department of Housing and Urban Development

WHERE:     Beginning at 1000 Independence Ave. SW, Washington, D.C. (Department of Energy)

WHO:     Hundreds of Indigenous peoples, leaders of climate justice movements, veterans, women of color and allies gathering to defend the land, water, bodies, and homes from tremendous threats posed by the incoming administration.

WHY:     The appointments of Rick Perry, Steve Mnuchin, and Ben Carson make clear the Trump administration’s intention to ramp up the exploitation of land for private profit, wreaking devastation for the climate, for our water, and for our homes.

  • Until a week ago, Rick Perry was on the Board of the company driving the Dakota Access Pipeline, which threatened the water of 17 million people.
  • Trump has signaled his desire to re-enter an arms race, leading to a greatly intensified risk of nuclear war and to increased health threats in indigenous communities and communities of color where nuclear testing occurs.
  • Mnuchin, Carson, and Trump together will threaten the homes of both homeowners and renters. Mnuchin is known as the “foreclosure king” for the over 36,000 foreclosures he instigated during the financial crisis. With half of all renters facing unaffordable rents and evictions at all-time highs, Carson has stated that he plans to turn public housing over to private interests, which will only worsen the displacement and affordable housing crises faced by communities around the country.

VISUALS:    75-foot banners, Indigenous women from Standing Rock, veterans, street theater to showcase threats posed by the Trump administration and what an alternative could look like – protecting the climate, land, and water for all people.

CONTACT:     Isobel White, 510-828-3554
Bernice Shaw, 310-880-1389


It Takes Roots to Grow the Resistance