Who is It Takes Roots?

#ItTakesRoots to #GrowtheResistance is a multiracial effort led by women & gender oppressed people of color and Indigenous peoples on the frontlines of racial, housing and climate justice across the country. It is an outcome of years of organizing and relationship building across the Climate Justice Alliance (CJA), Grassroots Global Justice Alliance (GGJ), Indigenous Environmental Network (IEN), and Right to the City Alliance (RTC) alongside Center for Story-based Strategy and The Ruckus Society.

Together these four national alliances represent 150 organizations in 30 states nationwide and in Canada. Each alliance is led by grassroots organizations, and each brings unique contributions to our collective work. CJA brings strategies for a Just Transition to a regenerative economy; GGJ brings connections with global movements and grassroots feminism and gender justice; IEN brings a strong framework of environmental justice, indigenous sovereignty and treaty rights; RTC brings deep experience in housing & land rights and in coordinating translocal actions.

Check out this interactive map to see which member organizations are in your region (note: we are still adding organizations to the map):

We collaborate closely with Movement for Black Lives (M4BL), People’s Climate Movement and Design Action Collective utilizing opportunities for convergence to build power at the local, state, tribal and regional levels.

The It Takes Roots collaboration between grassroots social movements began during the organizing for the Peoples Climate March in 2014, and continued through international climate justice mobilizations to Paris COP21 and Morocco COP22, as well as a Peoples Caravan during the 2016 elections from the Republican National Convention to the Democratic National Convention.

Since November 2016 we have been collaborating even more closely to build a Visionary Opposition, approaching the work in phases as conditions continue to shift.

Phase 1: November 2016-January 2017

✭ Assess the Landscape ✭ Grow the Resistance ✭ Prepare our Communities ✭

Within days of November 9th, 2016, we immediately convened our sister alliances and began a consultation process with our collective membership to collect priorities for rapid response to the threats and increasing needs for community protection. Our program evolved from that member consultation. Our first collective action was a delegation of 100+ people of color to Standing Rock during Thankstaking week to support the historic resistance model of stopping extraction at the source, and to join the long standing Indigenous struggle in defense of Mother Earth, protection of water and Indigenous rights. We then held a series of post-elections landscape and strategy calls, organized a delegation to Washington DC that included cross-sector trainings and strategy sessions and a large contingent to inauguration day protests and the historic women’s march, and our members organized translocal actions in 8 cities. See report from phase 1 here: http://ggjalliance.org/lessons-and-next-steps-ittakesroots-growtheresistance


Phase 2: January-May 2017 — First 100 Days of Trump administration

✭ Rapid Response ✭ Strengthen Movement Alignment ✭ Launch Resistance Hubs ✭

In the mid term, our members are fighting to hold the line and strengthen their organizing that will resist the systematic attacks of the Trump administration. We are launching political education and capacity building efforts, and organizing an arc of activities culminating in a national mobilization to the March for Climate, Jobs and Justice in Washington DC and in translocal actions across the country on May Day.

Goals of Phase 2:

  • Get into a united formation to combat the real isolation and fear our communities experience and transform it into collective action for safety.
  • Explore the national coordination of rapid response efforts for power building.
  • Mobilize members to a series of national mobilizations and translocal actions.
  • Develop training, skills development and resiliency strategies at the local level in multiple sites.


Phase 3: May-November 2017

✭ Take Bold Risks ✭ Lay Groundwork for Long Term ✭ Expand the Movement ✭

For the longer term, now is a time to build the cross-sector alignment, progressive unity, and strong base of community support that is needed to shift power, gather popular momentum and confront the challenges of the foreseeable future. Our members are leaning into their strength and long time experience of grassroots organizing and base-building to build up our community power.



Make a tax deductible contribution

  • Individual donations can be made online or by check:
    • Donate online: http://bit.ly/ITR-donate
    • Write a check to “Grassroots Global Justice” with “ITR Resistance” in the memo and send to: 4919 Pentridge St, Philadelphia, PA 19143
    • Contact Sha Grogan-Brown at [email protected] with any questions


  • Grants to support the collective fundraising efforts of It Takes Roots can be made to any of the four national alliances, based on the best fit for your grantmaking approach:

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