In our ongoing commitment to address the pressing climate crisis, we focus on the root causes of the crisis through an intersectional lens of racism, classism, capitalism, economic injustice, and environmental harm. As part of this work, we proudly introduce the “Peoples’ Climate Week,” which will take place in so-called New York on Lenape land from September 17-22, 2023, in collaboration with local NYC environmental justice and climate justice communities.

Peoples’ Climate Week stands as a counter-space amidst mainstream NYC Climate Week events. Here, our movements champion a Peoples’ Agenda, promoting tangible alternatives while actively intervening to disrupt the endorsement of deceptive “solutions” to climate change. These false solutions encompass Hydrogen, Climate Geoengineering, techno-fixes, Liquefied Natural Gas, Carbon Markets, offsets, and more. These misleading proposals are advanced by corporate entities, governmental bodies, and prominent environmental organizations within Climate Week, at the UN Ambitions Summit, and at the yearly UN Conferences of Parties.

The Peoples’ Climate Week Agenda showcases community-driven solutions to combat the climate crisis. It sheds light on the adverse consequences of prolonging fossil fuel industry practices, especially those involving unproven technologies such as direct air carbon capture and storage. Moreover, it exemplifies the unity and influence of Black and Indigenous voices within the environmental justice movement. We will also dissect the impact of the Inflation Reduction Act on our communities, exploring its potential to support grassroots initiatives. Additionally, we aim to rally support for a Just Transition towards a regenerative economy.

Kick-Off & Social Gathering



The Peoples’ Climate Week event at The New School (NYC) is comprised of two parts: the launch (9/18) and the following teach-in (09/19).

Speakers at these events Include:
Nnimmo Bassey, HOME-F, Nigeria
Tom Goldtooth, Indigenous Environmental Network
Claudiene Florencio, President of the Association of Pataxó Indigenous Women, Brazil
Raya Salter, The Black Hive and Energy Justice, Policy and Law Centre NY
Kali Akuno, Coop Jackson & Grassroots Global Justice Alliance
Krystal TwoBulls, Honor the Earth
Crystal Cavalier, No Mountain Valley Pipeline campaign
Juan Mancias, Frontlines of LNG pipelines in Texas
Jose Bravo, Just Transition Alliance
Panganga Pungowiyi, Indigenous Environmental Network
Julia Bernal, Pueblo Action Alliance
Natalie Jeffers, The Black Climate Mandate
Mohiba Ahmed, Desis Rising Up & Moving (DRUM)
Moñeka De Oros, feminist anti-militarism
Brittany DeBarros, feminist anti-militarism

Open to all, for both in person & live stream attendance. Register here!