Webinar hosted by the It Takes Roots Black (African Descent/Diaspora) Caucus featuring Black panelists conversing about the war in Ukraine & its impact on our communities, people & world from a Black perspective.



  • Opening Ceremony & Grounding – Ronel Remy
  • Welcome & introduction to ITR Black Caucus & Program – Trenise Bryant
  • Introduction of Panel – Natasha Erskine, About Face Veterans Against The War

*Michael Simmons
International Human Rights Activist

*Onyesonwu Chatoyer
All African Peoples Revolutionary Party

*Ajamu Baraka
Black Alliance for Peace

*Maureen D. Taylor
Chair of the Michigan Welfare Rights Organization

  • Reading of Joint Anti War statement – National Black Liberation Movement National Unity Initiative



Michael Simmons has been an international human rights and peace activist for over 50 years, beginning as an organizer for the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee during the 1960s in the United States. Over his career Michael has taken his work to Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East, pursing issues of social justice and social change organizing in a wide variety of contexts. For more on his international human rights work, please visit Michael’s personal website at msimmons.org.


Onyesonwu Chatoyer is an organizer with the All African People’s Revolutionary Party and the All African Women’s Revolutionary Union, an editor with Hood Communist, and member of the National Coordinating Committee for the Venceremos Brigade.




A human rights defender whose experience spans four decades of domestic and international education and activism, Ajamu Baraka is a veteran grassroots organizer whose roots are in the Black Liberation Movement and anti-apartheid and Central American solidarity struggles. Baraka has appeared on and been covered in a wide-range of print, broadcast, and digital media outlets. For more on his work, please visit Ajamu’s personal website at https://www.ajamubaraka.com/about



Since 1993, Maureen Taylor has served as Chair of the Michigan Welfare Rights Organization, a union of public assistance recipients, low-income workers and the unemployed that organizes members to fight for their rights and to eliminate poverty in this country. She was a key consultant on two award-winning documentaries about water rights and affordability. Maureen has a MSW in Social Work and is a Detroit school counselor who is improving student and teacher success rates.