COP28 – UN Climate Change Conference in the United Arab Emirates.

The 28th session of the Conference of the Parties (COP 28) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) will convene from November 30 – December 12, 2023 in the United Arab Emirates.

An It Takes Roots delegation will be on the ground in Dubai, to engage in strategic interventions during COP28 to demand strong international agreements that protect and benefit the people most impacted by the climate crisis. Together, we will speak truth to power as we confront global leaders, help redefine climate leadership, and ensure that community voices are heard at the highest levels of decision making to push back against false solutions, and fight for climate reparations. The groups who are jointly involved in this organizing effort are Climate Justice Alliance, Grassroots Global Justice Alliance, Indigenous Environmental Network, Indigenous Climate Action, Just Transition Alliance, La Via Campesina, The Black Hive at Movement for Black Lives, and the World March of Women.

​In order to achieve the policy shifts we need in these UN climate conferences, even the best inside strategies are not strong enough if we don’t organize powerful, grassroots pressure on the outside as well. True climate solutions are coming not from a formal UN negotiation process, but from the growing pressure and power of our collective struggle. We are in unity with blossoming social movements across the globe, led by the people most impacted by the climate crisis. We are pressuring governments for more meaningful action, while implementing our own real solutions on the ground and planning for how vulnerable communities can best survive severe impacts of climate change.