COVID19 Response

The COVID-19 pandemic has made it clear once more that only we can keep us safe, and that the extractive economy is not serving our people. It is healthcare workers, farm workers, grocery store workers, warehouse workers, caregivers, and other workers who are essential, not the bosses and bankers who are profiteering off our exploitation. People are coming together to demand regular monthly cash payments to all communities (including undocumented immigrants), free testing and treatment for all, safety standards and equipment to protect frontline workers, emergency housing assistance and rent and mortgage cancellation, a moratorium on water and electricity shutoffs, resources for Indian country, funding to address the racial disparities of this crisis, expanded food aid, support for businesses that are actually small, protections for voters and poll workers to safeguard our democracy, and real investment in a bold plan to put millions of people back to work building a healthier, more equitable, more resilient economy.

People's Bailout

While Congress has passed initial relief packages, many across the country are still in need of urgent relief. Workers and communities on the front lines of the crisis urgently need health and economic protections. Nurses are working without masks. Millions are going without paychecks. Immigrants are excluded from relief. Families are facing water shutoffs. Black and Latinx communities are dying at an alarming and disproportionate rate.

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Shaping Change Call Series

We are in a historic moment that, through radical transformative organizing, could break the back of neoliberalism as we unite across different fronts. This is a moment where radical demands and programs have new relevance as real concrete responses within this global pandemic. 3 calls weekly to connect, assess this political moment together, and hear more from organizations and movements globally that are responding to this crisis.

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