9/11: Sol2Sol Summit

The Solidarity to Solutions Summit (#Sol2Sol Summit) will highlight frontline communities’ solutions that address the interlinked crises of climate, economic, and racial justice. Through cross-sector, solutionary strategy exchange, community leadership development, creative actions, and democratic popular assembly, we will provide direction on bold and transformative pathways for change and shift the narrative around false top-down market-driven solutions and techno-fixes.

Solidarity to Solutions Summit!

Tuesday, September 11 from 10am-8pm at La Raza Park (Potrero Del Sol, 2827 Cesar Chavez, San Francisco, Ohlone Territory)

Hosted by DJ Davey D

Opening plenary: Solidarity to Solutions: from the Frontlines of the Crisis to the Forefront of Change

All day ongoing spaces for art-making, health and healing, just transition demonstrations, and children’s programming

Music and dance by:

  • Alia Sharrief
  • Fogo Na Roupa
  • Dancing Earth
  • Climbing Poetree
  • Audiopharmacy
  • And more!

    Workshops from 1:15pm-2:45pm on:

    Moana Nui ej adwoj Lamoran/The Pacific Ocean is our Homeland (main stage from 1:15pm-2:45pm)
    This presentation shares the stories of struggle and resilience of Pacific Islander communities who live here in the San Francisco Bay Area, Ohlone Lands. We are people of Micronesian, Melanesian and Polynesian descent. We will share key cultural events that are of great significance to our community, including the 2011 visit from traditional voyaging canoes from the Pacific Islands, which reclaimed our connections and va, sacred relationship, with the Ohlone and indigenous tribes of California and informs are role in fighting Climate Destruction, for our homelands and our SF Bay Area communities.
    Presenters: Loa Niumeitolu (Save the West Berkeley Shellmound/Poor Peoples Network/Homefulness/Indian People Organizing for Change/Sogorea Land Trust/Run4Salmon), Kumu Kau’i Peralto (Indian People Organizing for Change, Sogorea Land Trust and Run4Salmon), , Lucy Siale (Black Lives Matter) Kathy Dede Neien Jetnil-Kijner(Pacific Climate Warriors, Jo-Jikum Marshall Islands)

    Water Protectorship and Reclaiming the Nüümü Poyo (space 1 from 1:15pm-2:45pm)
    Water — Indigenous Peoples have always protected and respected Water. We can vow to be a Water Protector and continue within this movement. We begin this session with the “Water is Life” video. We call on Water Protectors to participate in the Sacred Run on October 1-4, 2018 in the Great Basin.
    Indigenous Lands — This past August, Indigenous Women traveled 22 days on the Nüümü Poyo, hiking a total of 190 miles. Hear about their healing journey as they reclaimed their ancestral homelands.
    Presenters: Beverly Harry (PLAN Action and Native Community Organizer), Jolie Varela (Founder of Indigenous Women Hike)

    Disaster Capitalism, Militarism, and People’s Solutions (space 2 from 1:15pm-2:45pm)
    Wars continue to be waged around the world, and particularly in the Middle East, in pursuit of fossil fuels and simultaneously consuming massive amounts of fossil fuels. Worse, the military industrial complex is shaping the way that society thinks of climate change, shifting it from an environmental issue to an issue of security. Global warming and the intensification of climate crises coupled with economic crises are spurring massive migration and displacement. Instead of prioritizing the protection of those most impacted, the US government, and its allies prioritizes the protection of corporations and the elite. This manifests as increasingly militarized borders, and violent policing in communities and during disaster recovery processes. Come think through the connections between climate injustice  and militarism and strategies for fighting them together.

    Presenters: Shania Morris (Philadelphia Student Union), Jennifer Alejo (Mujeres Unidas y Activas), Scott Kimball (About Face: Veterans Against the War, Jade Begay (IEN), Priya Johnson (Grassroots Global Justice Alliance), John Lindsay-Poland (Urban Shield), BJ McManama (IEN), Rosemary Martinez (La Via Campesina)

    Diné Bí Keya- The Energy Corridor of the SW (space 3 from 1:15pm-2:45pm)
    A look into the resource extraction in the Southwest and how diné people are a resource colony. What does a “Just Transition” mean and look like for Diné people?
    Presenters: Kim Smith, Orion Yazzie, Makai Lewis, New Energy Economy

    Communities Reclaiming Land (space 4 from 1:15pm-2:45pm)
    “The land is for those who work it!” is a rallying cry of social movements across the Americas and the global south. For any transition to be just, we must shift land out of private ownership for personal profit and into community control for the well-being of all. This workshop will highlight successful stories of how Oakland-based grassroots groups rooted in economic development are reclaiming land, applying their labor to meet community needs on that land, and utilizing land trusts and other structures to protect it forever.
    Faciltator: Movement Generation; Presenters: Needa B (The Village), Greg Jackson (East Bay Permanent Real Estate Cooperative and Sustainable Economies Law Center), and others

    Now We Own the Narrative: Fighting for Our Stories at The Intersection of Solidarity Economy & Climate Justice (space 5 from 1:15pm-2:45pm)
    Join us to discuss and brainstorm – what are the stories that bring climate justice and solidarity economy work together? What are the stories at the intersections of our movements that we want to uplift? What are some ways we can experiment with actually owning our narratives and building new media infrastructure for and by the people to tell these stories?
    Presenters: Nati Linares (New Economy Coalition), Lex Barlowe (New Economy Coalition)

    A Vision for Democratizing Energy in the East Bay and Nationwide (space 6 from 1:15pm-2:45pm)
    Through interactive discussion and presentations, this workshop will explore questions such as: What does Energy Democracy mean to you? How are you approaching democratizing energy in your community? What are some false solutions you have encountered in your work? What are some solutions that you’re proposing and working on?
    Facilitators: Jessica Tovar (Local Clean Energy Alliance), Cara Cooper (Kentucky Student Environmental Action Coalition), Basav Sen (Institute for Policy Studies); Presenters: Denise Abdul Rahman (NAACP Environmental & Climate Justice Program), Gail Chandler (Kentuckians for the Commonwealth), Angela Scott (Communities for a Better Environment), Anne Olivia Eldred (California Nurses Association)

    Community Based Energy Advocacy (space 7 from 1:15pm-2:45pm)
    Energy and climate policy can be hard to understand and inaccessible to communities most impacted by decisions around land use, transportation, air quality, and energy. As the climate crisis worsens and climate profiteers are looked to for answers, the need for frontline community leadership and investments into equitable solutions is stronger than ever. This workshop will highlight some case studies from different parts of CA with partners of the California Environmental Justice Alliance that have integrated community-led and community-informed processes at every level of policy making, from advocacy, rule-making, and implementation to push energy democracy forward structurally. Participants will discuss challenges to and opportunities for intersectional, place-based energy democracy work in their own communities.
    Facilitators/Presenters: Shina Robinson (Asian Pacific Environmental Network – APEN), Amee Raval (APEN), Yassi Kavezade (Sierra Club)

    Black Organizing Caucus – Black to Just Transition movement space (space 8 from 1:15pm-2:45pm)
    Cooperation Jackson and East Michigan Environmental Action Council (EMEAC) will facilitate a Black caucus. we invite (only!) our folks of Afrikan descent to share in the attempt at a safe(r), healing space. bring your wonderful selves and unique expressions of joy, rage and everything in between. let us try to hold space for all of it, and help each other survive the enemies within and without, in love and struggle. or just get a way for little bit and meet some dope Black movement fam!
    Facilitators: Brandon King (Cooperation Jackson), Monica Atkins (Cooperation Jackson), Dortheá Enrique Thomas (East Michigan Environmental Action Council – EMEAC), Will Copeland (EMEAC)

    Just Transition Strategies from the Frontlines (space 9 from 1:15pm-2:45pm)
    Just Transition is a framework for a fair and sustainable shift to a regenerative economy through implementing real solutions to climate change that chart a path towards more democratic, ecologically rooted economies. This workshop will explore the core principles behind the model of Just Transition and deepen discussion already developing around what Just Transition means when grounded in the leadership and experiences of Indigenous Peoples, communities of color, fence-line communities, and frontline workers movements. Facilitator: Ananda Lee Tan; Presenters: Ratha Lai (Richmond Our Power Coalition), Jacqueline Gutierrez (PODER), Pam Tau Lee (Chinese Progressive Association), and others

    Lessons from Richmond Our Power Coalition (space 10 from 1:15pm – 2:45pm)
    In this workshop, members of the Richmond Our Power Coalition will share their successes and challenges in moving their vision through strategies for just transition
    Presenters: Richmond Our Power Coalition

    Expanding Sanctuary/ Defending our communities Expandiendo Santuario y defendiendo a nuestras comunidades (space 11 from 1:15pm-2:45pm)
    Our workshop will share Causa Justa:: Just Cause Sanctuary Cities for the 21st Century and Community Defense frameworks. We will share both a political/ ideological frame and how we are working on different components of our frame in our base-building, leadership development, political campaigns and coalition work to build community defense! Facilitators: Sanyika Brayant, Kitzia Esteva, Gloria Esteva, Lucas Solorzano, Eduarda Cruz

    Art, Culture and Climate Justice: Transforming Artistic Expression into Action for Mother Earth! (space 12 from 1:15pm-2:45pm)
    Join Davey D of Hard Knock Radio and Martin Herrera and a panel of artivists including Rulan Tangen of Dancing Earth, Sammay Dizon of UrbanxIndigenous, Naima Penniman of Climbing Poetree in a dialog on art, culture and climate justice. Let’s talk about
    how we transform artistic expression into action for Mother Earth! Presenters/Facilitators: Davey D, Martin Herrera

    Just Transition & Zero Waste: Shared Solutions (space 13 from 1:15pm-2:45pm)
    This workshop will explore the concept of Zero Waste and dissect the cultural assumptions, power dynamics, and utilization of resources in the current waste industry. In additional, attendees will collectively brainstorm Zero Waste and Just Transition intersecting solutions and will hear from organizers doing work in their local areas to bring their community close to Zero Waste and Just Transition.
    Facilitators: Aiko Fukuchi (GAIA), Elisabeth Grimberg (Intituto Polis), Darryl Jordan (East Michigan Environmental Action Council), Melissa Miles (Ironbound Community Corporation)

    Intergenerational Organizing (space 14 from 1:15pm-2:45pm)
    [insert description] Come learn about the importance of intergenerational leadership in the climate justice movement! What can you, an elder or an adolescent contribute? Let’s find solutions that are inclusive of every generation, and allow for wiggle room and a necessary information exchange between the old and the young! Presenters: Chelsea Turner (UPROSE), Nyeisha Mallett (UPROSE)

Workshops from 3pm-4:30pm on:

Arctic Update: Alaska Voices on Climate (space 1 from 3pm – 4:30pm)
The Arctic is critical to maintaining the balanced and healthy functioning of the earth’s cycles. Hear from Alaska Native leaders that are building a vital movement for social and environmental justice in the north. Join this workshop to hear northern solutions forward and connect our movements.
Facilitation: Enei Begaye-Peter; Presenters: Bernadette Demientieff, Samuel Johns, Rosemary Ahtuangaruk, Raymond Ipalook, Adrienne Blatchford

Just Transition to a Feminist Economy (space 2 from 3pm – 4:30pm)
This workshop will connect the struggle for climate justice with grassroots feminism. The workshop will introduce participants to grassroots feminism, patriarchy as a system of oppression, which supports capitalism, and introduce participants to principles of a grassroots feminist economy, through an understanding of reproductive labor. A just transition to a feminist economy will be offered as a solution to the climate crisis.
Presenters: Ana Orozco (Grassroots Global Justice Alliance), Priya Johnson (Grassroots Global Justice Alliance), Jennifer Alejo (Mujeres Unidas y Activas), Jihan Gearon (Black Mesa Water Coalition) – tentative, Dorthea Enrique Thomas (East Michigan Environmental Action Council)

QTPOC Healing Justice: Our Bodies, Our Resilience (space 3 from 3pm – 4:30pm)
Rooted in queer/trans BIPOC frameworks of decolonization, reparations, restoration, and celebration. We will discuss & practice elements of healing justice and uplift the resilience & knowledge of queer/trans POC within liberation movements. This workshop will create space to learn from local healing justice efforts & uplift ancestral healing practices as a means to work through generational trauma and generate shared tools to detoxify from the impacts of capitalism.
Facilitators: Tré Vasquez (North Bay Organizing Project), Suguey Hernandez-Vasquez (Purhepecha/Matlatzinca and Power California)

From Divest to Reinvest: Moving Resources & Power into Frontline Community Control for a Just Transition (space 4 from 3pm – 4:30pm)
What will it take to build a movement to Divest from racism, colonialism and ecological collapse and Reinvest in a new system? How can we reinvest in growing solutions to social, climate and economic crises that are led by those who have been most impacted? This workshop will grapple with these questions and provide an opportunity to share stories of divestment and of building local non-extractive economic infrastructure to support a local just transition strategies. Presenters: Lex Barlowe (New Economy Coalition), Chloe Henson (Climate Justice Alliance), Cristina Cabrera (Environmental Justice League of Rhode Island), Gopal Dayaneni (Movement Generation)

Black Farmworkers’ Untold Stories as Multiethnic Bridge to Heal and Build Communities (space 5 from 3pm – 4:30pm)
This workshop focuses on how environmental injustice has affected communities of color and how building bridges between these communities can help them learn from one another and empower them to find community-based solutions to climate change. Presenter: Neza Xiuhtecutli

Energy Democracy Principles in a Carbon Market Setting: Building Local Power for the Long Run (space 6 from 3pm – 4:30pm)
This workshop looks at innovative strategies led by frontline organizations based in states or regions that have legislated a market approach to air quality and carbon emissions. We will learn how groups are balancing short term needs with long term local-to-global solutions and strategies for supporting their communities while navigating, and at times mitigating, complex regulations. Facilitators/Organizers: Jill Mangaliman (Got Green), Cynthia Mellon (Climate Justice Alliance) Participants: Darryl Molina (Communities for a Better Environment – CBE), Amy Vanderwarker (California Environmental Justice Alliance – CEJA), Asian Pacific Environmental Network, Jill Mangaliman (Got Green), Kentuckians for the Commonwealth

People’s power: fighting for renewable energy over dirty, deadly & costly coal power plants in the Philippines and California (space 7 from 3pm – 4:30pm)
California is charting a 100% renewable energy future and has divested from coal, but loopholes may be financing a coal boom in the Philippines and Asia. Even though the Philippines has historically been powered by renewable hydroelectricity, there are 28 new coal plants in the pipeline thanks to shady international investors like the World Bank. Opposition to coal-fired power, fossil fuels, and natural gas and oil masked as “transition fuels” is an essential part of the strategy to stabilize the climate. It is interconnected with the drive to get to 100% renewable energy immediately and our vision for a just transition of the global energy system, especially for communities of color. We will link energy equity campaigns being championed by environmental/climate justice groups in the Philippines and California.
Facilitators: Aaron Pedrosa, Ian Rivera, Mari Rose Taruc, Adrien Salazar;
Presenters: FACES, PMCJ, Center for Earth, Energy and Democracy, Friends of the Earth International, Local Clean Energy Alliance

Carbon Pricing: A Critical Perspective for Community Resistance (space 8 from 3pm-4:30pm)
A panel presentation of Indigenous Peoples and allies as ‘Sky Protectors’ on the injustices, racism, and colonialism of carbon pricing schemes that is international in scope. Domestic carbon markets are merging into a global carbon market. The global carbon market is becoming the WTO of the Sky. Carbon pricing is an umbrella for carbon trading, carbon taxes and carbon offsets. The workshop will provide a presentation of the global resistance against the privatization of the atmosphere, of nature and these false solutions to climate change.
Presenters: Tom Goldtooth (Indigenous Environmental Network), Ninawa Huni Kui (Chief and President of the Federation of the Huni Kui in Acre, Brazil), Isabella Zizi (Idle No More San Francisco Bay Area Solidarity), Tamra Gilbertson (Carbon Trade Watch), Casey Camp-Horinek (Ponca Tribe in Oklahoma)

Building Movements & Advancing Solutions in the Face of the Right Wing: Discussions from Latin America (space 9 from 3pm – 4:30pm)
This workshop will provide an opportunity to hear in depth about the current political crisis in Brazil and how some of the largest social movements in the world are continuing to wage their struggles and grow their bases in the face of a right-wing attack.
Presenters: Grassroots Global Justice Alliance, MST (Brazil), CUT (Nicaragua)

Just Transition for Farmworkers in the Pacific Northwest (space 10 from 3pm – 4:30pm)
In this workshop, we will discuss the concepts of food sovereignty and agroecology, taking the example of Community to Community Development and Familias Unidas. We will share how an independent farmworker union was formed, describe their journey to become a cooperative, and explain the political context and vision for cooperatives in Bellingham, Washington.
Presenter: Edgar Franks (Community to Community Development – C2C), Maureen Darras (C2C)

No Displacement, No Eviction! Local to National Organizing for Community Control & Stabilization (space 11 from 3pm – 4:30pm)
This workshop will explore and learn from grassroots movements across the country who are fighting the extractive industry of luxury development and gentrification and to build the power of renters, working class homeowners and community members to prevent displacement and win long-term community control over land & housing. We will explore innovative models for building collective power that communities are leading across the country and Homes For All’s trans local model of building power from the local to regional to national levels.
Presenters: Camilo Sol Zamora (Causa Justa/Just Cause), Ronel Remy (City Life/Vida Urbana), Davin Cardenas (North Bay Organizing Project)

Geoengineering: Why we must Oppose it (space 12 from 3pm – 4:30pm)
Geoengineering is a set of techniques to manipulate the climate, aiming to target some of the symptoms of climate change (to lower the temperature or remove carbon from the atmosphere). From capturing carbon and storing it in oil wells to dimming the sun, whitening clouds or changing the ocean chemistry, all geoengineering proposals are risky and will have negative impacts, especially on communities and indigenous territories. There are already projects and experiments going on or planned from Arizona to Alaska, including one in California. The workshop will provide information and discuss how we can collectively oppose these projects. Come and join us!
Presenters: Tom Goldtooh (Indigenous Environmental Network), Silvia Ribeiro (ETC Group), Cynthia Mellon (Climate Justice Alliance), Lili Fuhr (Heinrich Boell Foundation)

Justice for Freight Communities, Ports, Truck Corridors, Logistic Centers and Railyards (space 13 from 3pm – 4:30pm)
Justice for Freight Communities: A workshop presentation intented to illustrate the local to global impacts from freight operations and international trade in US. The workshop will demonstrate the ways that environmental racism is expressed in communities that exist near ports, truck corridors, logistic centers and railyards. The workshop will engage folks in dialogue around community solutions that address the impacts from freight on environmental justice and climate justice. The dialogue will involve zero emissions technology, energy democracy and just transition as it relates to freight.
Presenters/Facilitators: Mark Lopez (East Yard Communities for Environmental Justice), Melissa Miles (Ironbound Community Corporation), Andrea Vidaurre (Center for Community Action and Environmental Justice), Yvette Arellano (Texas Environmental Justice Advocacy Services)

Youth in the Movement (space 14)
We as young people within the movement are often times confused with our role. We will talk about our role, as well as bridging the gap between elders and young people. Also finding out our place with the many different roles that get thrown our way. Presenter: Joseph White Eyes, Jasilyn Charger, Danny Grassrope


Closing plenary: Connecting the Local to the Global: Indigenous Solutions to the Global Climate Crisis

Join us as we defend the sacred, end climate capitalism, and support community solutions from the frontlines!