The It Takes Roots delegates have real, community-based solutions to combat the climate crisis. They have come to Paris to present these solutions and move away from the climate crisis. Here are some memes to highlight the amazing work of these frontline leaders.

Elijah William, Cooperation Jackson,

Rossmery Zayas, Communities for a Better Environment,

Seena Chhan, Environmental Justice League of Rhode Island,


“Environmental Justice League of Rhode Island is fighting against National Grid to stop their LNG facility project from being placed in the Port of Providence where it is mainly populated with people of color, next to the state hospitals, the only trauma center and so much more medical facilities. This is environmental racism and it needs to stop now. This is why we are here with the #ItTakesRoots delegation, to demand that LNG is not a solution, that corporations like National Grid creates more pollution!
-Seena Chhan

Sacajawea Hall, Cooperation Jackson,

Ahmina Maxey, Global Alliance of Incinerator Alternatives,


Molly Greenberg, Ironbound Community Corporation,



Sarra Tekola, Got Green?

“Climate change is an extension of colonization. The colonizers of the Global North came into the formerly colonized countries of the Global South and stole their natural resources, the main one being fossil fuel. Now the pollution from these resources being burned is coming back to kill those in the Global South in the form of climate change. When people try to flee climate chaos, they are not allowed to leave. Currently, when people flee because of climate change they are not given refugee status and left to drown in the Mediterrean Sea or get shot on the US border. The Global North has a responsibility to take in all climate refugees because they are responsible for destroying their country causing them to flee.”

-Sarra Tekola, Got Green?


Shina Robinson, Asian Pacific Environmental Network

“APEN members in the Bay Area are standing up to Big Oil and the extractive economy while building community power–in six languages at a time. We reject militarization of the police and security forces, and the displacement and corporate land-grabbing they enforce from the Bay to our homelands. We fight for a new energy economy, good jobs on a living planet, and our right to build the better future we all deserve.”
-Shina Robinson, APEN’

Derek Matthews, Iraq Veterans Against the War