We convene frontline communities for multi-racial, cross-sector delegations at key strategic mobilization moments.

Some recent delegations we have led over the past year include:

  • Our first post-elections It Takes Roots collective action was a delegation of 100+ people of color to Standing Rock during Thankstaking week in November 2016 to support the historic resistance model of stopping extraction at the source, and to join the long standing Indigenous struggle in defense of Mother Earth, protection of water and Indigenous rights.
  • In January 2017 we organized a delegation of over 100 grassroots leaders to Washington DC that included cross-sector trainings and strategy sessions, a large contingent in the inauguration day protests, and at the national women’s march we teamed up with National Domestic Workers Alliance in one of the few organized contingents of over 200 multi-racial women and gender non-conforming people.
  • On March 10th we organized a joint contingent with People’s Action of primarily grassroots organizers of color at the Native Nations Rise march in Washington DC, bringing our giant puppet of Berta Cáceres to make connections between the violent impact of extractive industry on Indigenous peoples in the US, and in Honduras, and around the world.
  • We organized a delegation of more than 200 people to participate in multi-day capacity building and consciousness raising convenings and direct actions leading up to the March for Climate, Jobs and Justice in Washington, DC. Click here to check out a compilation of social media from the PCM to May Day.
  • The day before the big climate march, on April 28 we organized an action to form a Life of Defense to protect our planet, protect our people & communities. 400+ participants and on-lookers engaged in nine blocks representing communities and issues such as Indigenous peoples, Black struggle, veterans, youth, food sovereignty, and gender justice/LGBTQI, to create Earth’s Red Line in front of the Capitol, symbolizing the red line that corporations and governments cannot cross if they are serious about stopping climate change. We drew a line through the militarization of the federal budget, and the rising wars at home and abroad, and the “dig, burn, dump” economy, and we demanded investment in communities and sustainability. (click here for video
  • We kicked off the March for Climate, Jobs & Justice on April 29th with a water ceremony led by Indigenous Environmental Network,​ and then took it to the streets together– from People’s Climate March to #MayDay and beyond! (click here for video)