By Dallas Goldtooth

“This is a climate justice victory. The northern leg of the Keystone XL pipeline would not have been rejected this morning if it wasn’t for the foundation that the environmental and climate justice movements have built over generations. And it would not have been rejected if it wasn’t for those on the frontlines who fought back against the initial permitting process seven years, and continued their leadership in the mobilizations, organizing, events, press, etc to come.

A big wave of thanks to the First Nations resistance at the source, the tribes along the pipeline route, the landowners and farmers and ranchers who joined forces, the social justice organizing at all sides of this project, and the climate justice movement at large!”
Remember this: President Obama rejected this permit — but it was ONLY because of grassroots mobilization this could have happened. I thank YOU all for this win, above and beyond any thanks to any President.
WE made this happen.


I personally want to say thank you to Marty Cobenais- He was the IEN pipeline campaign organizer before me. He laid a solid foundation for community engagement and organizing that greatly contributed to the coalition building needed for this win! Thank you brother. Miigwech!