Ozawa Bineshi Albert – Yuchi/Annishinaabe (she/her)

Co-Executive Director, Climate Justice Alliance

Bineshi is one of three women of color Co-Executive Directors of the Climate Justice Alliance. She was part of the Indigenous Environmental Network (IEN) and served as their Movement Building Coordinator and served on their Leadership Team. She has been part of the It Takes Roots alliance, tand international movement spaces. Bineshi supported the creation and development of both an Indigenous Feminist Organizing School and an International Feminist Organizing School. Her work throughout her career has been investing in the development and power building of grassroots community leaders to be in the spaces where decisions are being made that impact their lives. That will continue to be her work while at COP, lifting up and standing alongside frontline grassroots leadership to share how climate change impacts their lives today.


“Solutions to the climate crisis must come from those communities most directly impacted. At COP26, the orientation of the international community must come from them not economists, corporations and politicians who created the crisis in the first place. Solutions can’t be about us without us.”