Already from the first day the Biden administration is delivering on key demands from our movements, but we know continued bold action is needed to get anywhere near the transformative solutions our communities need to survive and thrive. The work has just begun to hold a Biden presidency accountable to advancing the climate, racial, gender, and housing justice solutions that the frontlines have been pushing for years.

Read more from our sister alliances below on key struggles to support in this period, and how you can take action in the next 100 days.

Biden Revokes Keystone XL, Indigenous Leaders Celebrate and Push for Stronger Action

from Indigenous Environmental Network

Yesterday, Indigenous organizers and our broader climate justice movement won a decade-long campaign against the Keystone XL Pipeline and a temporary moratorium on oil and gas activity in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. This is a huge victory — AND – we need to keep up momentum to make sure Biden follows through with immediate action on Line 3, Dakota Access (DAPL), rejecting all fossil project approvals, and investing in Black, Indigenous, and People of Color and an economy that works for all.

WHAT: #BuildBackFossilFree Digital Rally
WHEN: Tuesday, January 26 from 8:00pm to 9:30pm ET / 5:00pm to 6:30pm PT
WHO: Frontline leaders protecting their communities from fossil fuel extraction and infrastructure

Please join Build Back Fossil Free on Tuesday, January 26 for a digital rally calling on President Biden to take bold executive action to end the era of fossil fuel production, protect communities reeling from the climate and COVID-19 crises, and #BuildBackFossilFree. The rally will feature frontline leaders fighting toxic fossil fuel projects and lay the groundwork for a coordinated organizing push to build on this week’s momentum.

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Please also follow Indigenous Environmental Network to amplify a live-stream of the event on Facebook:

“It is imperative that we keep the pressure on President-elect Biden to put an end to ALL fossil fuel infrastructure and projects, making the ones that are near or on indigenous territories of top priority. We love that KXL will be extinguished but what about Line 3, TransMountain, and numerous others? Every project brought back to the desk of elected officials needs to first be in the hands of the indigenous people with indigenous voices having the first and last say over what happens to the land and water.” Said Tasina Sapa Win Smith, Co-founder of Cheyenne River Grassroots Collective.

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No More Broken Policies: Housing is the Cure

from Right to the City Alliance

Yesterday — on Day 1 — the new Biden administration signed an executive order to extend Trump’s broken federal eviction moratorium. As renters and housing advocates across the country, we are deeply concerned. Millions of renters were already dealing with the weight of the housing crisis before the pandemic hit — surviving the Trump administration and decades of white supremacist and capitalist violence. Our neighborhoods have gone from places where we love, heal, grow, learn, play, rest, and dream to a place where corporations and banks turn a profit, and sheriffs evict our families.


We know housing is the cure to this crisis. We call upon the incoming Biden administration to take immediate action to protect our homes, our families, and our communities.

SIGN THIS PETITION to tell President-Elect Joseph R. Biden & Dr. Rochelle Walensky, incoming CDC Director to:

  • End evictions + stop utility shut offs: direct the CDC in coordination with the Department of Justice (DOJ) and Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to immediately strengthen, and enforce national moratorium on all evictions and utility shut offs for the duration of the pandemic.
  • Cancel rent, mortgages & debt: work with Congress, and State and Local governments to suspend rent & mortgage obligations and all rent, utility, and mortgage debt as result of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • We can build a future where those most in need are protected to stay in their homes. A future where every person and family is guaranteed a safe, healthy and dignified home. Sign now to say loud and clear: #HousingIsTheCure!

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Climate Justice Communities Demand Bold Action in First 100 Days

from Climate Justice Alliance

In order to genuinely address the four overlapping crises: the COVID-19 pandemic, the economic crisis, climate change, and racial equity, which the incoming administration has committed to making its most pressing priorities, during the first 100 days of the Biden/Harris Administration, we call on the President to immediately take these 25 key executive actions to build back fossil free by:

  • Protecting and investing in the Black, Indigenous, Brown, and working-class communities that have borne the brunt of fossil fuel pollution, extraction and climate disasters;
  • Rejecting new fossil fuel projects, eliminating giveaways to oil, gas, and coal corporations, and ending the era of fossil fuel production in a way that fosters a just and equitable transition for workers and communities;
  • Launching a national climate mobilization to Build Back Fossil Free, deliver jobs, justice, create real solutions to reducing emissions, and opportunity for all;

While we applaud reversing many of Trump’s policies, including rejoining the international community in the Paris Agreement, this is the bare minimum. Techno-fixes, market schemes, and false solutions to the climate crisis through neo-liberal paradigms like this are neither progressive nor beneficial to our communities. Article 6 of the Paris Agreement, which includes carbon offsets and other false mechanisms, should be eliminated from the agreement because it does not align with the values and tenets of climate justice or Indigenous and Tribal sovereignty. Maintaining or increasing sacrifice zones in our communities that are the direct consequence of neo-liberal market based approaches, such as the above and others like carbon market mechanisms and risky geoengineering projects, are not solutions. They are subsidies to Big Business that serve to continue the historical harm the newly-elected President Biden has committed himself to stopping. We need aspirational leadership, not more of the same. We have provided  answers and solutions through various avenues, including but not limited to the THRIVE Agenda, Build Back Fossil Free, National Justice Housing Platform and A People’s Orientation to a Regenerative Economy, and we will hold you accountable to making them happen.

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A Time to Transform: Radical Imaginations of Our Movements / Tiempo de transformar: Imaginaciones radicales de nuestros movimientos

from Grassroots Global Justice

On Inauguration Day, the wave of executive orders—revoking the Keystone XL pipeline and the dehumanizing Muslim travel ban, fortifying DACA protections, and rejoining the Paris Climate Agreement—were all a necessary immediate response from the Biden-Harris adminstration to the rising strength of racial justice movements. Over the past four years, Black, Brown, Indigenous, and poor communities have relentlessly fought against the grave harm and cruelty of the Trump-Pence administration. While we celebrate the relief these initial executive orders will bring to our communities, we are also deeply aware that these are only the return to the baseline of human decency. Our visions and solutions are so much bolder!

“Our movements will fight for healthcare for all, climate justice, dignified wages and reparations. We also will push for foreign policy that rejects U.S. imperialism and undoes the harm done to countless communities from Venezuela to Palestine. As the liberation fighters in Mozambique used to say, ‘la luta continua!’ [the struggle continues]” said Ajamu Dillahunt of Black Workers for Justice.

This week, we celebrate the many strategic ways our grassroots movements have mobilized in this period, and we are energized by this collective brilliance to organize and win. Our grassroots member organizations continue to take transformative actions across the country, setting into motion bold political visions of building a better, more sustainable world.

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El día de la inauguración presidencial, la ola de órdenes ejecutivas —la revocación del oleoducto Keystone XL y de la deshumanizadora prohibición de viajar a los musulmanes, el fortalecimiento de las protecciones de DACA y la reintegración al Acuerdo Climático de París— fueron una respuesta inmediata necesaria del gobierno Biden-Harris a la creciente fuerza de los movimientos de justicia racial. Durante los últimos cuatro años, las comunidades negras, de color, indígenas y pobres han luchado sin descanso contra el grave daño y la crueldad innecesaria realizados por el gobierno Trump-Pence. Si bien celebramos el alivio que estas órdenes ejecutivas iniciales traerán a nuestras comunidades, también somos profundamente conscientes de que estas son sólo el retorno a la línea de base de la decencia humana. ¡Nuestras visiones y soluciones son mucho más audaces!

“Nuestros movimientos lucharán por la atención médica para todos, la justicia climática, los salarios dignos y las reparaciones. También presionaremos por una política exterior que rechace el imperialismo estadounidense y deshaga el daño causado a innumerables comunidades, desde Venezuela hasta Palestina. Como decían los luchadores por la liberación en Mozambique: ‘la lucha continúa!’” dijo Ajamu Dillahunt de Black Workers for Justice (Trabajadores Negros por la Justicia).

Esta semana, celebramos las muchas formas estratégicas en que nuestros movimientos de base se han movilizado en este período, y nos sentimos energizades por esta brillantez colectiva para organizar y ganar. Nuestras organizaciones de base miembro siguen emprendiendo acciones transformadoras en todo el país, poniendo en marcha audaces visiones políticas para construir un mundo mejor y más sostenible.

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