While we are devastated by recent international events of state violence from Colombia to Palestine, we are resolute in our work to act in solidarity with oppressed peoples. This past Saturday, hundreds of thousands of people across the world showed up in solidarity with the people of Palestine and their resistance against the violence of settler-colonialism, including land theft and home demolition by the state of Israel. We have a responsibility in the U.S. to defeat settler-colonialism and fascism from within our state and without. We can demand the U.S. stop giving military aid to fascist and violent regimes, contribute what we can to organizations on the ground responding to crises, and continue to educate ourselves and others on the historical and political importance of resisting settler-colonialism and state violence wherever it threatens Indigenous and oppressed peoples. We know from the victory today in Chile that when we fight we win, even if it takes decades of work organizing from the grassroots.

Art by @blkmoodyboi

The following resources have been gathered from our sister alliances, member organizations and allies as ways to take action and show support:



It’s also critical to support people in India, Brazil and elsewhere by advocating for a People’s Vaccine. Global north countries must support #TRIPSwaiver at the World Trade Organization. While Biden has shown support for a waiver, limbo remains at WTO. 

India + Brazil: Stop vaccine apartheid